Family Photos

Of my neighbors, that is…
In hunt related news: We’re going out again tomorrow, we have only a few days before the Seasons’ End, but there’s rain forecast from tonight through tomorrow and the truck is pre-loaded with gear and everything.


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9 thoughts on “Family Photos

  1. Ranch etiquette, don’t name the edibles… course the kids did it anyway,
    and would ask at dinner who we were eating…
    my answer was always “just that ol broken legged cancer eye cow”.

    • As our parents get older the recovery time for everything is drawn out – and for us too! Good luck with the crossbow! I think they’re illegal in CA, so I have the .243 rifle instead. It’s kinda loud! 🙂

  2. My soon to be in-laws in Colorado have a few head of beef they raise.

    The Patriarch of the herd is named “Sir Loin”, and the Matriarch is named “Miss Steak”.

    No, they haven’t named the calves yet….

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