Ditch Water

You can thank favorite commenter Brighid for the input about, “bourbon & branch.” Gold miners had a big influence up in these parts, diverting water established much of that which grew to be “infrastructure,” but that’s a word nobody would have used back then.
Still the snow-melt water coming out of the springs of the Sierras after crossing miles of high-alpine granite-gravel filtration is some of the best in the world, and for a Californian living close to the source it is like a resident of Pilzen living next to the “ur-quell.” Wineries all around up here like the water too, so there’s gotta be something to that, and we get it BEFORE the hippies divert water for the stupid baitfish in the delta. The “drought” we are experiencing is political not environmental.
I don’t know from Whiskey but I had a sample-sip of this a month or so ago at a favorite restaurant and it didn’t suck like JD in college, it was almost as good as a fine rum.
So I tried some with ditch water. Not too bad. I’m really not a hard liquor kinda guy since it catches up with you so fast, wine and beer is more my slow-speed chase and the general consequences are less brutal, but I need to have a bar stocked with stuff for all comers and visitors. Hope it’s ok.IMG_0026x600800
And yeh, I need a utility sink…

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    • Says “Colorado” on it, so must be boutique? Colorado is not a stand-out famous-name for Whiskey, but do distillers care? They do have good water. I’ll have to look for Buffalo Trace! I’m still not clear on whisky, whiskey, rye, and bourbon!


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