Fall Colors: Mossy Oak Breakdown

The hunting thing isn’t shaping-up exactly as planned and we’re about a week out from closing the season. The guy I was supposed to connect-with just had a kid, and I’m sure besides very little sleep he’s got a lot of other things to do right now. Anyhow there’s always next year and I’ve got a ready-rifle. I rode the mighty KTM around yesterday after basically getting the garage back in order and that felt good, and discovered a hole I had forgotten about – and an acre-and-a-half of acorns.
So we got out there in the morning before the heat came up and raked-up half-buried sticks and clumps of stuff, found about ten more half-buried golf-balls.
The long lopers are worn down and just crushing branches and small limbs – I need to take a file to get the edge back. Also there’s still a half-a-hump to level-out, and a couple holes in the Prairie to fill-in.
The orange ground-color under the oaks is mainly acorns. And there’s a ton to put on the burn pile. Or maybe I’ll just let them lay there and see if the deer get ’em. Deer like acorns and there’s evidence of a few coming in and rubbing the small miniature pear tree out between the oaks. That is the fruit the pear produces is miniature, and as bad as the sticky plum-tree droppings.
Meanwhile the cows are out there and keeping company.
From the Paleo recipe book we prepped and marinated a small rack of lamb riblets for 24-hours. and then grilled-up a batch of the medallions – yum!!

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  1. Careful when sharpening those yard tools. I had to replace the cutting blades on my loppers and hedge trimmer. Fiskers brand, and it seems they are surface hardened. You get maybe one chance to sharpen them, but a second attempt will get you into soft metal that won’t hold an edge. It was annoying to find that they won’t sell new blades for the hedge trimmer, though. Had to buy a new one, and the price is about double what it was twenty years ago.


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