Paint where there aint supposed to be paint

IMG_1173_x800With all due respect to my crew of guys and Eric Church, there really isn’t much “paint where there aint supposed to be paint.” And I’m moving ahead putting stuff back – like the laundry equipment. Also Jason the master electrician fixed a couple issues with the panel and all the circuits in the garage (except the laundry equipment) are now GFI. Plus deeper inside the house we now have working dimmers on the “stadium lights.” IMG_1168_x800IMG_1172_x800

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7 thoughts on “Paint where there aint supposed to be paint

  1. It is coming together nicely. I can just see you out there of an evening in your man space while watching the game while waiting for the laundry to get done… lol Wait, where is the utility sink???


    • Ha!! Game? We went into a Sports-bar on Sunday: there were actual, grown-up-guys (albeit single), with their favorite Team Jersey on, wearing their Favorite Players’ names! Really?? I’m in Junior High School, AGAIN?? Csonka? Tarkington? Some bunch of weird names that are hardly English or pronounceable. Anyhow they didn’t have motorcycle or motocross racin’ on the seven-screens, and I don’t know who ANY of the oblate spiral-ball player names are today, at-all.
      Darling you read my mind – I was thinking about a utility sink but then I was seriously wondering what effect the chemistry would have on the septic system… So I wash my paint-brushes out on a gravel patch.


    • I don’t think the paint brush cleaning would hurt your septic system any more than household toilet bowl cleaners do… probably more ground water harm to be washing out in the gravel. Dawn is your friend.
      Maybe it’s a country folk thing… but I would put the sink in, you will be glad you did…


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