Furd Ignitioon

There’s times recently these past few months (and beginning last year actually) when the 94-thousand-mile F-150’s key required a few repeated twists to get the spark flowing, and that had become more increasingly frequent – until today when it wouldn’t do a damn thing.
And we were parked miles from home at the Outlet Mall in Folsom.
Which fortunately is only a mile or so from Folsom Ford… Not that I like them so much, they’re an industrial bureaucratic combine branch-office run by AutoDrones and Press-#1 for English Secretaries with poor communication skillz, so I usually take the truck locally to Ponderosa Auto Express, where they guys are honest and trustworthy. Which is not to cast aspersions and say that FF isn’t also, but I feel it’s a pretty alien environment and there’s lots of opportunity for getting screwed over by Big-Dealer Network paper-shuffling.
So I called my new neighbors up in Sly Park and they came down to get us, and meanwhile managed to get a tow-company to arrive sometime to do the hook and pull, which they did Thank-You Placer Towing!
So now I gotta deal with Dealers and the Fog of AutoWar.
My old ’94 had an ignition that you could pull the key out of while it was running (in Park, or otherwise) and with it still running go do things and then slide it back in. It was a Ford too.
Maybe there’s a recall I don’t know about. If there was one I wouldn’t know about it that’s for sure. Buying a used vehicle is fraught with unintended anticipations. Still from 20k to 94K with no problems is a blessing.

UPDATE: The aftermarket chip-key I had been using took a dump. Somewhere in the moving and driving and switchig around the original Ford key had been left at the Low Granite Airport Outcropping – and I had been using a cheap-chip duplicate, which had failed. When we drove down there with another set of keys it fired right up and we were not charged a thing (besides the tow-company), so with gratitude for not being screwed-over, some Order was restored along with a measured reduction in Dealer Animosity.

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2 thoughts on “Furd Ignitioon

  1. The coil-on-plug as well as the plugs themselves, if I recall your vintage (’04ish with the V8 Modular engine?) tend to produce a variety of symptoms at about your stated mileage level.

    NOT cheap to fix, as the plug was/is a proprietary design that is problematic to replace and the plugs are like $25-30 a piece. That’s over-the-counter price for the DIY guy, not list, which is what the dealer “technician” gets to charge you as extra-special, ‘cuz, well…CUZ! This change of plugs usually involves breaking the plug and the use of a special extractor kit to glue a nubbin’ to the old, broken piece that’s still in the head, so that ou can use another tool to take out the broken bit. Swell!

    Good luck.


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