How do you spell “tchotchkes” -?

In the Bavarian Alps, Switzerland, and the mountainous parts of Italy and Austria, all the little shops of trinkets and mementos have a sign in English saying, “A thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever.” … Yeh, it’s a shop loaded with tchotchkes and misty-eyed tourist crap. Hunters have them too.
Since being a newbie to Cable TV, watching hunting shows on the Pursuit channel has been an eye-opener. Or closer. Besides the obvious QVC shopping-shows and various frying-pan/make-up/weight-loss machinery/grilling-whatever salesmen, where else (but America) is a half-hour hunting   show nakedly dedicated to product placement. So I bought a spray-thing of “Dead down-wind.”
Apparently all our scented laundry items, soaps and deodorants, and various other scents produce an easy to identify vector for deer and other game. ! Unless you wear the super-duper electronic physical-zone erasing clothing with the electro-fibers that reduce your electronic footprint/signature, so that deer will walk right up to you, because they see and sense electronically, not through a optical cortex.
Shades of super-electro higher spark-plug ignitions of Hot Wire – and Monster Cable.
Anyhow, what else?
Hunting blinds. I know hunters share an intimacy that’s different, or is it similar to motorcyclists except you need to be quiet instead of loud? So is a hunting blind that kind of personal? Is it like a motorcycle helmet, “That’s Yours Not Mine?” Because I have a little EZ-Up canopy I could drape with camo and not share – would that work? Thinking aloud here…
The same dye-sublimated print $20 Mossy Oak shirt at “Resplendent-Splendid Outfitters” is only $7.99 at Wal-Mart – and after the season they go on-sale for pa hunted.$2.99 each… Trying to figure-out this hunting shit. None of the things on-scene today were there when my Grandpa went out in a big, lined, canvas duffel-coat.
I haven’t worn a pattern-shirt this loud (or this silky) since Junior High School in the 70’s.
UPDATE: Thank-you everyone for the generous comments and advice!! I am overwhelmed by the positivity!

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  2. I forgot to add that for every rule and suggestion there is a exception.

    I have done everything wrong and harvested bucks and done everything according to the “rules” and never got a shot off.


  3. Deer eyes are different than humans, their rods and cones see into the UV range. But they are basically colorblind, but not fully. A hunter orange garment is dull, while blue jeans glow to a deer. But if you use a detergent that has UV brighteners both will glow to a deer.
    As for odor, it all depends on where the deer are, if they are around a farm or developed area with tractors, cars, utv’s, people and animals your smell is another smell. That could chase the deer out of the county or just put them on edge.
    Unless you use scents that the deer are not used to smelling.
    The thing that deer notice the most is movement, if you can see their eyes don’t move.
    At all.
    Anything that will prevent deer from seeing your movement helps, so about any blind will work.
    One way to think is that deer are paranoids that also have had way too much coffee.


  4. Things I do for camo & scent control:

    * Almost any camo is better than none, and non-camo clothes can be very camo-ish, when layered in such a way as to break up colors, patterns and outlines. No need to be overly “religious” on any of it. Unless you’re hunting an knife-stabbing distances, perhaps. Still, I’d like to have The Predator’s electro-invisibility suit.

    * I buy whatever brand of clorophyl laundry goop that’s on the shelf at Ye Olde Sports Emporium. And use similar shampoo (just use the same for body wash), before heading out. Our normal human grooming products are way over scented, so the green-dip is a good help, here.

    * In the scouting trips immediately before the hunt, I return with a pillowcase full of leafy greens and grass from the fields I plan to hunt in. When I’ve got my hunting clothes in the dryer (all of ’em, socks, undies, camo, etc.), I’ll put a “hatful” of those greens into a tightly tied old pillowcase, dampened slightly, and throw it into the dryer with those loads.

    When you get your stuff outta the dryer, immediately fold it, and pack it into a double bagged garbage bag, then into your hunting luggage.

    Having your hunting clothes infused with the scent of the local vegetation is, I’ve found, about the best cover scent out there.

    * Go through all your gear and do a sound suppression check. Tape those sling swivels, they’re very noisy. Bino neck straps often have clickly noisy adjustments and swivels. Etc., etc. Kill the noise, it’s very helpful to do so.

    Take an empty 1/2 gal milk jug to the blind with you. If you gotta pee, don’t make tons of noise getting out of the blind, don’t stink up the next twenty acres downwind of yourself with your mess. Just pee in the bottle, and cap it TIGHTLY. Twist caps work, pop-off caps: verboten.

    You don’t gotta be Ninja Johnny the Stealthy Deer Ninja. You just gotta NOT be “that guy” who you can hear from the next valley over, and who the deer can smell from the next county.

    Oh yeah. Keep your “deer blind snacks’ to a minimum. Granola bar is usually OK. Jerky and Slim Jim sticks….. emit odors.

    Try not to fart. Not worried about the deer, but farting in a closed blind? You might run yourself outta the county.


    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    • Hi Jim! That’s a great breakdown of all the issues, esp. the half-gallon jug idea, and the scent-sachet for the dryer! I have a pretty quiet sling, but I had not even considered snacks.


  5. Avoid buying products in WalMart, or at least be cognizant of the quality. If it is a fabricated item, it most likely has been made to order FOR them. Built to as low a price as is possible. If it has a model number, you will often find it has the prefix of WM, indicating it is made only for them. If possible, compare the item to the same one in another store. Normally, you can see the quality difference.

    For some years, I bought my jeans there, but when I went in last year to get a new batch, holy crap!, they had turned into junk! In the effort to deal with inflation (both here and in China), they ruined them, all in the attempt to keep the price about the same. Incredibly stupid. People who aren’t paying attention to money may be fooled by everybody’s attempt to cheapen their product to keep prices the same, but that just causes more problems down the road. They are playing the .gov’s game by hiding the effects of inflation. In the mean time, the quality of everything is going to hell in that proverbial basket.


    • I don’t buy much art WalMart except ammo – but the Mossy Oak hunt clothing was priced to move and is obviously inexpensive. I notice the shirts come from Egypt and Pakistan respectively – not very friendly countries these days!


  6. Move up wind, sun at your back if possible. Find a good spot where you can see and sit quietly with your back against a tree. Most critters see movement, not color. Wear what you want. Like “Shifty” Powers said “Hunt with your ears.”


    • One big plus for wool is that it’s quiet. Up against brush it doesn’t sound like the proverbial needle dragging across a vinyl LP, unlike a lot of the synthetic tacticool stuff.


    • I really hate noisy clothing so it’s interesting to see that a lot of hunt-specific stuff, including backpacks and such, are advertised as “quiet.” I just don’t have much wool since we come from living in such a mild climate, but up here’s different!


  7. For what it’s worth, I have a couple pairs of pants and 4 or 5 shirts and assorted under things along with a Carhartt coat all of them in outdoor colors that match background colors of the area where I hunt, sort of. (Browns for desert, light greens for forrest) These I wash 4 or 5 times without soap to remove of the smells, then don’t do anything else with.

    I also carry about 6 feet of camo screening which rolls up and fits in a pocket. Rolled up its about the size of a coke can. Used this a couple of times when I wanted to stop and sit down and hang out for a few hours. Other than that I just hunt using the slow stroll. Take a few steps look around take a few more steps to look around. You’d be surprised how much stuff you’ll find doing that.

    Then put them on and go hunt.


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