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1105_06Panorama2000After breakfast we went to Home Depot and got ten bags of tanbark and threw them in the truck. At the ranch we laid-out the last landscape fabric and finished-up around the raised beds. The railing around the planters makes no sense and I’ll get rid of it on another push.
UPDATE: As Old NFO recognizes, the railing is probably for doggies. It shows up on earlier pictures I came across, that is prior to the previous owners, and its age is appropriate. It’s showing wear and exposure.

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    • Ahoy Thud, it’s in the genes! I got some genealogy notes from my Mom including a bit on Grandpa Billy’s brother “Owen, having finished an apprenticeship at the Royal Botanical Gardens, came to Greystone Estate at Hastings on the Hudson in 1909 to work for Samuel Untermeyer as a specialist in boxwood. He sent to England for Emily, was amrried, and had a career managing estates near Greenwich, Connecticut.”


    • That’s what we thought too but the fence-post spacing is pretty wide, anything wild could get through – about the only thing that wouldn’t would be a dog. Good doggie!


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