Advances on the Low Out Croppping

Airport Overlook-Beach House has been undergoing some upgrades, and on the exterior She had decided the stupid pink plum blocking the view had to go – so yesterday it went. Today Bernard-Built-Like-an-Oak-Tree came out to grind the stump, which lead to some interesting developments. Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees or the land for the rocks.
As Bernard skillfully maneuvered the very-very heavy, tracked, self-powered, land-vehicle stump-grinder (did I say tracked?) work it’s way across the rocks — and the pathway, and the rocks, and the terrain, and the rocks and tanbark, and finally to the cliff-side stump-site, we watched from above.
We made some topographical observations. We could do this: we could unify some of the terraces if we moved some big rocks. This is gonna be fun. My fingers will pay but it will be fun.
In other news The Railing By Burt went in last week. It took about a year, but the design and execution was a bit fussy, especially with the raw and hard-as-rock acacia, and that takes time. Can’t rush it:

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3 thoughts on “Advances on the Low Out Croppping

  1. Nice railing. You have an amazing amount of energy and enthusiasm. The projects you have done since I started reading your blog about two years or so ago would take me at least thirty years. Case in point, I started refinishing floors in my old house about five years ago. I have three rooms done to date. I have put in one stepped retaining wall for the back garden and otherwise have not landscaped a single square inch of my in-town corner lot that is almost completely covered in grass.

    However, I did get to spend lots of time sit here drinking coffee and reading about your projects so I have that going for me.


    • Fortunately the rail was not a projecct I had (or even could) complete myself so we farmed it out, and Bert the Woodbutcher handled it – took about a year!
      Otherwise it’s just keeping busy and two properties makes it even busier! Also burning up money, so I’m glad some entertainment is a byproduct! 🙂 It would take me forever to re-finish a room’s floor, so carpet-guys to the rescue!


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