And soon we hit the road

In anticipation of the upcoming Tahoe ride, here is the ride we did seventeen summers ago on the same bike as today (though the video is not of or by me). And don’t forget, 36-front and 42-rear when two-up on the Express!

And in memorium, we ride on.
(But imagine trying to fight your way up that, in the middle of winter…)

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3 thoughts on “And soon we hit the road

  1. Dude who made the video is gonna wind up in a world of hurt if he doesn’t learn to apex later and tighten-up his corner exits…


    • It was a lot of turns! We had more traffic (in ’98), but beat our Austrian Tour Guide in a race to the top (two-up!) through superior moto-skillz and gnarly cornering. He was pissed! 🙂 He didn’t think Americans really knew how to ride, but I had some good training including track-time, and riding/racing off-road really helps for street stuff. A number of co-riders on the trip didn’t really have mountain skills, and there were some crashes!


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