Goodby Old Friend

I am sad. My old friend who I mentioned in passing a couple weeks ago in Back to Work died last week. The friend who hired me for my first real job, a man who toured with the Rolling Stones as house-manager on the West-Coast section of the Sticky Fingers tour, who took American Conservatory Theater shows to successful Broadway launches and ran a theater back here – and who had a stroke several years ago is gone. And I am sorry I missed being a better and closer friend in recent years, pushed-off by the politics and the incursions of Ultra BayAryan Liberalism. I should have fought harder. My heart is full of tears.
UPDATE: David taught me to appreciate the sublime difference between various rotgut like Jack Daniels, and Scotch – and single-malt Scotch in particular. This opened the door to many things, and some evenings that I have little memory thereof. But I didn’t wind up a Scotch drinker, so tonight instead I hoist a glass of some old cane-juice squeezing; Barbados Mount Gay Rum, 1703 Old Cask Selection- and beg forgiveness and mercy. God bless you my friend, you were an incomparable story-teller of the Truth. I await the quiet voice of advice in my ear.

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7 thoughts on “Goodby Old Friend

  1. Our gun culture lost one of it’s guiding lights a couple days ago. Farmer Frank retired from farming about two years back, and then got really busy in the gun industry, but then suffered a severe stroke about a year ago. He never fully recovered, and I’m guessing that it had something to do with his death. He left one update on his blog early this year, and that was it. I’ve been impatiently waiting for him to return to writing, but the hiatus has become permanent, sigh…

    Tam put out the word on him.


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