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The ten-day paperwork is ticking on the lower from Richard that I “won” at the Rendezvous, so I bought a Bullet Button and a CMMG LPK – and a MOE handle in FDE. Moe of the Stooges. Flat Dark Earth looks nothing whatsoever like “flat dark earth” because it has no loamy bottom-land Super-Soil type richness. It looks more like a crusty broken dirt-clod in the California summer among the hot dry hills – everything is a bleached dirt color, and I resemble that. The Noveske build is OD Green, and the Match Rifle is just CMP-Black, so this is the other end of the color spectrum besides pink.
And then what? Seems like for Uppers the “key-mod” – AKA “my build-it-yourself shelving system from Costco”- is the latest rage. Also I think a lighter rifle than the 3/4-Ton F-250 Noveske Pickup-truck is appropriate for family-fun.
I still want a free-floating handguard for accuracy, and maybe some ~bling~ like TiN or Nickel Boron in the interior where lubricity matters. I don’t see a need to load up the stock with a lot of batteries and other things. I’m thinking “running around” gun, and maybe as this State collapses into anarchy, “run-fast and hide-somewhere gun.”
Anyhow it’s beginning.
I already have a trigger and I don’t feel like going all Giesselelly, and with the dried-mud colored handle, I’m getting a dirt-colored ambi-selector from some bad-ass tactical Ninja-named company that I can’t even remember the actual name of, but it uses the word/letters “BAD” in it so it must be bad or buiutxchin’ … And I am leaning, familiarity-wise, towards the CTR stock (in FDE). Maybe I could get the single-stage Rock-River trigger dipped in some wicked-slick boron-nitride witches-brew so the pull-weight is a scary .002 ounces!?
Yeh that would be great for home defense…and a Slide-Fire stock with the same super-slick treatment so that it jumps right out of your hands. Then the tactical gloves would rally help – finally!
It’s like selling your street-bike and putting Armor-All on the seat to impress the new rider/buyer, “Whoa Dude, it’s FAAAAST!!
Anyhow I have not kept-up with the latest booger-slinging stuff on the web-boards, so I dunno. Dirt-color is all. Ashes to dirt…

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16 thoughts on “AR Build

  1. It was slow but I finished my lower from last years GBR last night. Total elapsed time from winning the lower to finishing the rifle was almost exactly 1 year. That was 10 minutes to win the lower, 50 weeks to have a nice kit come available at a nice price, and 2 hours of actual work time to assemble it. So there’s the time to beat and you’re 2 weeks into it already.

    • I just ordered a barrel from Aero Precision. 15% off Labor Day sale. Nothing left to buy but the handguard now. And, if I decide to get any specialty tools. The Magpul vice block looks very nice, and it could come in handy for other things too, besides torquing the barrel nut. I wonder whether I’m setting a record for longest ever build – started in Oct 2008. Hey, it’s the 7-year itch kicking in, to get me to finish the thing.

      Still 98% decided on the JP Enterprises modular handguard.

      Will Krylon stick to stainless? Probably won’t hold up to the heat anyway.

    • I think Krylon will stick to stainless, enough so that if you got any on you’d be hard pressed to get it off! The FDE Aero upper without the stupid forward assist is very sleek looking and has me wanting it.

  2. It’s why I like the kits. I don’t have to collect stuff for seven years and then, when I am ready to put it together, discover that I am missing the upper-left-safety-trigger-match-barrel-spring-lubrication-handle-switch, and have to save up the money and then wait two weeks for it to arrive. Or that the Rare Earth Green trigger group clashes with the Desert Lizard Sand front sight making me look like a NOOB.

    • God Forbid!! Yes the kits make easy assembly – but do they make them for stripped uppers? What a chore, measure the hand-guards, measure the barrel, measure… which one matters? Hacksaw!! 🙂

    • Fortunately, for the AR15, there are complete parts lists available. Doesn’t help much if the doohickey phlange spring makes a ballistic arc across your living room, but that’s what lower spare parts kits are for. Which reminds me, I need to order one or two of those. Should’ve thought of it when I was ordering from BCM.

      I don’t worry over whether Vltor’s FDE matches Magpul’s. I’ve read posts at ARFcom where people talk about whether the black anodizing on their upper matches their lower. Pfft. My AR #2 is going to be multi-color.

      I’ve never looked at kits much. What I remember seeing are “everthing but the stripped lower”. Same problem as buying the complete rifle. Yeah, lots of makers offer some customization, but if you’re after something specific, as am I, you likely won’t find it in a kit, along with the other specific things you want.

    • For me the kits come with parts I already have, and parts I can’t use or don’t want – like a selector. And instead of the standard mag-parts I need to use a “bullet button,” and I already have a trigger and the take-down pins among other things. So it has certain extras, when I just need the detents and plunger-catch, and retainers and springs to launch them across the room and into the carpet to be lost forever unless you have a magnet or a small hand-vac.

  3. Dangit, just had to scratch it. Ordered the upper, YHM flash hider, and charging handle from BCM. Go me! Don’t care about the scratch’n’dent status, as it’s probably going to get the Krylon treatment.

  4. Oh, I’ve looked at uppers all over. RR, Rainier, White Oak, Noveske, CMMG, etc. Just never see anything quite like what I want. And, there’s some “scratch that itch” factor in doing the whole thing myself. Probably, the only thing I’ll take in to have done is checking headspace. Gauges would be nice to have, but pricey for one-time use. The nice thing about doing it all myself is I can spread out the expense. I bought the FSB last year, and the front sight earlier this year. What’s left is the barrel, gas tube, handguard, flash hider, charging handle, and the actual upper.

    Also thinking an ALG ACT for the DPMS lower. What a crap trigger that has. No, no Geiselle for me either. But ALG is a spinoff, or close cousin, or something, to Geiselle.

    • There is definitely a “scratch the itch” factor in building your own. My friend the machinist built a jig on a stick that slides into the lands and grooves and rotates within the rifling, so that he could precisely measure the point at which he would drill the barrel for the gas-block, so that the hole would be lined-up IN the groove and not come out on the lands or halfway between… I gotta ask him about that.
      Selway Armory has a DPMS upper for cheap though… It appears that the ALG trigger is nickle-boron coated for slickness.

  5. Cool. I need to get out to one of those some year. Sigh.

    I’m sure you’ll have better luck with your build than I have on my “latest”, which started off with a lower receiver I bought in Oct. 2008. 🙂 Hey, I do have the lower finished. Vltor clubfoot Modstock in FDE, RR FCG, Magpul MOE pistol grip.

    Upper – have you looked into Ballistic Advantage? They have some sweet barrel sales – I think a different one every week, and their everyday prices are good too, eg. a 18″ Wylde 1:8 stainless is 190, vs. similar Ranier arms $259 from Brownells. Well, I don’t know how they compare in terms of machinging quality. I’m sorely tempted right now on the barrel. Also sorely tempted to get a “scratch’n’dent” upper from Bravo Company.

    I’m 90% sure I want the JP Enterprises modular handguard. No, it isn’t keymod, but I like the looks of it much better than those skeletonized things.

    • My match-rifle upper is a 20″ Wylde from White Oak with CMP furniture but free-floated, it’s heavy! The Noveske is an early (also ’08 – when I turned 50) 16″ Light Low-Profile but it’s heavy too! A scratch-and-dent upper from Bravo Company sounds like a smart decision too, I’d rather buy a built-upper since I have not built my own…yet.
      I’m thinking light weight and pencil barrel, but I dunno. Thoughts are stirring, and skip the forward-assist.
      Looking at John’s uppers at White Oak Armament, they’re a pretty good price-match for Bravo Company, from a guy who builds uppers that, “have been used to win many State, Regional and National titles in high power rifle competition.”

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