Rendezvous-X and Seasons’-change

The sun rises later over the Prairie and I get up out of bed later – like 6:30. The smoke from the fires all around has dissipated today. There’s a coolness in the morning air that has been missing since May, and I could run the mower if I felt like it,, and the shelves at Walmart are denuded of archery equipment as the hunting season is about to begin – it’s not Cabela’s but it’s a good barometer of the seasons and that Fall is around the corner.
And the Gunblogger Rendezvous was a smash-hit for me. I got to meet several people who’s blogs I have only read, and others who actually read mine! I got to re-unite with old friends and meet new ones. The trip to Scheel’s was interesting and overwhelming as usual. I never know what to buy there and just don’t. Almost bought a box of .243 Hornady but managed to overcome the excitement.
After Thursday night dinner with Mike, Kiwi, Kevin, Billl, and Paula I hit the sack early. The drive-up was an interesting drive-variation with a route over Kingsbury Grade on the Nevada side of South Tahoe that I had not driven in thirty-three years. The view out over the high desert farmland is spectacular and the little town of Genoa down on the valley’s edge was Nevada’s first settlement – or something.
Friday morning was an early wake-up at 5:00 to get ready and meet Kevin and his Giant Truck, and go get the Gardner Gun in Gardnerville. Once again suppressor-maker and De Lisle carbine-guy Richard at Special Interest Arms had something interesting for Show-and-Tell, and it was good to see him again and get to know him better. His knowledge of the gun is encyclopedic and he probably wrote the Wiki on it, that is if he did such things.
The smoke was very evident in the high desert valley morning, and a huge orb of the sun rose red over the hills, then grew smaller and more faint as it got higher. I remarked that visibility sucked and the 900-yard targets might be hard to reach today.
We got back to Breakfast late but there were some crumbs and fruit remaining – and coffee!
Met-up with Kevin’s spotter-buddy Rusty who I remember from last year, old pal Dutch-Oven Jeff, and new Nevada resident and commenter-friend Pat who has made quite an impression here. And then I got to meet Clayton Cramer and his irrepressible wife Rhonda — then it was back upstairs, grab the guns, and off to the most EXCELLENT and friendly staff at the Washoe County range…
I brought the little .22WRF Model 90 Winchester, the Ruger Vaquero, the S&W Model 19-3, and my carry Ed Brown Kobra. OBSERVATION: It was interesting to carry in Nevada and its something (carry) that I am adjusting-to. I learned that my Galco OWB “Fletch” holster, while very slimming and non-printing, prevented me from reaching into my hip pocket where my wallet normally resides, and it was finally easier to extricate my wallet and move it to the left than re-adjust the holster – after that I used the Milt Sparks Summer Special instead.
At the range The Gardner Gun occupied the full-auto space at the end and Richard was there with an assortment of full-auto suppressed rifles as well, including the “Trecenti,” Latin for 300 which is his new flagship-gun, the integrally suppressed 300 BLK AR-15. Also and again his friend and business partner (?) Brian was there as he was at last year’s event.
I shot Pat’s .450 Lott and I’m glad it was just a deer-load. The Model 19-3 should have been cleaned (my bad, but I didn’t) and a diet of .38Spl illustrated how residue build-up can affect the chambers of a .357Mag as primers showed evidence of flow and cratering, and locked-up the gun until Pat managed to open it. I put the magnum loads aside and shot .38Spl instead and it proved very accurate. The .44-40 was also accurate and with hunting loads not any worse for handling or feel – it soaked ’em up and kept poking holes in paper. The little .22WRF trombone also zipped to POA, and if I had brought my spotting scope I could have seen the group better (or at-all), but during a cease-fire I got a close look and was impressed. Maybe I’ll get a .22Mag pistol and have a shared-round companion gun for the rifle…

More upcoming.

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5 thoughts on “Rendezvous-X and Seasons’-change

    • Hi Skip! Yes there’s lots of pictures and video too, just not by me. I didn’t bring my crappy camera this year. I think Kevin Baker must have a bunch soon, \Clayton has some pics of the Gardner Gun on his blog, and so does Mr. Completely at the GBR-X blog (of the Gardner Gun). Anthony from Lucky Gunner must also have a lot too and I hope he posts them somewhere.


  1. That was an incredible event. I was especially surprised at how warm and welcoming everyone was to someone like myself who isn’t even a blogger, just a reader. You all are amazing.

    I was impressed at the number of takers I had to shoot my Dangerous Game rifle. A couple rounds of .458 Lott will knock the rust and dust off of anybody who tries it. Most of the encounters went something like:
    GBRX Attendee: “So, that’s that .458 you mentioned?”
    FormerFlyer: “Yep. Want to give it a go?”
    GBRX-A: “Sure!”
    Sounds of magazine being loaded. Somewhat louder sounds of magazine and brass being emptied.
    GBRX-A: “Huh. Not horrible.”
    FF: “I brought plenty of ammo. Want to shoot it again?”
    GBRX-A: “No.”

    Great to meet you and all the rest of the gang. You guys have convinced me to restart my old blog. (3 entries 11 years ago, then. . . . Crickets. I wonder if it can be resurrected, or if I should just burn it down and start over. I wonder if I still have the login info. Maybe Blogspot already made that decision for me. . . . .)

    Thanks again for making the big geeky guy feel welcome. I’m going to start planning for GBR-XI.


    • That’s what I love about the Rendezvous, there’s very few Big Egos involved and everyone is really open to helping others get into it and go shoot, including local people who show-up (Like Elizabeth and her family) and Miles, and semi-bloggers like Dutch Oven Jeff.
      It’s really un-fettered and without baggage. It was great to meet you too, especially after getting so much attention to my blog!


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