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Maybe I’ll get up before the heat rises, while it’s only in the 80’s and before we hit 100’s again, and motor up to Sly Park on the Gentleman’s Express. I want to ~feel~ the shoulder holster with the 4-inch Model 10 and get the vibe and clothing fit. Maybe I’ll pack the Sig too, as a counter-balance. I need to get this sorted out before the Edelweiss soirée in September, when the heat of the Summer is off – sorta.

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  1. Feeling poorly. Going to skip Friday night’s dinner at the rendezvous. Please apologize to everyone if you get this in time. I’ll see you all in the morning.


  2. The more balanced the weight is, the better a shoulder rig works. Somewhere out there is a holster maker that has an off-side speedloader panel that holds more than two. Can’t remember who, still checking my bookmarks.
    You could also think about adding other bits of gear, like a knife, flashlight, BUG, or go for a double rig. If your wife doesn’t carry, you can hand her the offside gun, if time permits.

    I’ve not been fond of tying down either side of those Aker shoulder rigs. Restricts your range of motion, feels awkward and uncomfortable, and can cause the rig to print/be obvious, because it doesn’t move with you. That is what catches the eyes, the unnatural movement of the cover garment. The only advantage I recall is if you fall on your back, the holster/ammo pouch tends to remain fairly close to it’s regular position, making the draw less of a hassle than it might be in some cases. Lots of variables in this situation, so no rigid rules apply, for hte most part.


  3. One of the mods I made to my Aker shoulder rigs is to bend the thumb tab to make it more positive in release. Mine are 20+yo, so I’m unsure if they have made any changes to the design, so bear that in mind.
    I clamp the end of the tab in a vise, so the clamp edge runs on an angle from the side of the snap to the side of the rivet that holds the reinforcing strap. About 35 degrees from vertical. (I think I clamped on the snap, and levered or hammered on the rivet end of the tab, judging by the crease in the rivet head. Make sure you have a male part snapped into the female snap, or you may distort it) I then bent it out (away from the gun) about 35-40 degrees.

    This mod allows you to pop the snap just by holding your thumb in a ready to grip position. Just go for the grip with a high thumb hold, and it should unsnap about the time you start to wrap your fingers around the gun. You may have to sweep your thumb down a bit, depending on the gun. (Like sweeping the thumb safety on a 1911) This beats the heck out of gripping the gun, and then trying to pivot your thumb sideways to release the snap. Sometimes you miss, or you can’t get enough force applied to get it released. That’s why I hate the straight thumb tabs on any holster. If I can’t modify it, I cut it off, or toss it.

    I talked to the Aker people at the SHOT Show some years ago about doing this, and strongly suggested they make this change for production.

    In my experience, this mod makes it less likely to accidentally pop loose by getting bumped, or caught up in a jacket. Less likely to print, also.

    Another mod I have made to some revolver shoulder rigs is to add a chicago-screw (or two) near the frame/barrel joint, under the barrel. I do this for more holster tension, so the gun won’t fall out if the thumb strap is popped inadvertently. I’d prefer to avoid that sort of PSH, as you KNOW it would only occur in some very public venue. O-o 🙂


  4. Good idea to ‘pre-plan’ those little details. And snaps/carabiners are a good way to secure them to the belt to keep them from flopping in the breeze so to speak.


  5. Is this the shoulder holster you were researching a few months ago? And a 4-inch Model 10?
    You rock! Let the Glock and 1911 fans fight it out; the real battle is between K-frames and L-frames, or Model 10s and Model 19s.


    • Yes it’s the Aker holster with off-side pouches for speed-loaders – nice wide straps. I adjusted the “chicago-screws” for fit, and today I found that a small carabiner hooked through the pouch-side leather-loop (right-side) onto the right-side belt-loop anchors everything nicely.
      The moto-loop up through ther pines to Sly Park and past Jenkinson Lake was cool, and then I took Starkes Grade Road back down to Newtown Road where it got hot again. Tootled through town and came home – 41-miles of curves and twisties in about an hour and fifteen.


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