Countdown to Rendezvous-X

GBR-X is happening in a short time frame from now, and I still have to consider what to bring along gun-wise, pack my crap, and deal with Everyday Life and it’s shortcomings. Life itself swirls and flows all around, like a river poisoned by the EPA plunging relentlessly downward through Colorado canyons, to expire in the Mexican desert… My wife and our friend in Newcastle’s older brother dying – just a few years older than us. Also my Aunt in England dying (my second cousin actually, my dad’s cousin – just a few years younger than him). Seems like people are dropping all around especially among my Parents’ generation. And knowing my Mom’s actuarial bent, has a lot to face – or not much.
Meanwhile I still have class on Tuesday and Wednesday night, and presumably a test to take that I have to pass at %80 or better. So for the first time in thirty-odd years I have “Homework,” and I want to ace that damn class. Also the siren song of the Big Bavarian Boxer calls, and the Hills are alive with the sounds of moto and the hum of rubber on asphalt.
So with the Rendezvous – I’m guessing the .44-40 is what’s up – and…what rifle? Know what I think would be cool? An M1-Carbine chambered in .44-40 – that would be freaking awesome. But not a Ruger ranch-rifle – or did they? I have the Vaquero, but I still have not drunk the Ruger cool-aid.

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7 thoughts on “Countdown to Rendezvous-X

  1. Good advice about not bringing too much. I’m not limited to what I can carry through the casino, as I won’t be staying at the casino. I live about 25 minutes away, so will commute. I’ll leave most of what I have in the car in some non-descript cases.

    Looking forward to it!


    • Casino Parking is convenient and shady! There’s always people around so I generally feel pretty safe, and usually park up on one of the upper floors like 6 or 7 since all the “action” is on the lower floors.


  2. If you’d like to play with a Ranch Rifle, say the word. My current one is stainless .223 with a nice Leupold 1.75X6 (too much scope for the rifle, but. . . . I had it laying around.)

    Let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to play with. Probably going to bring a couple .308 Scout rifles (Steyr and home made, maybe the Steyr .376 if I get off my ass and load some ammo for it).

    I have the world’s most useful and ugliest shotgun (Stoeger Coach Gun in 12 Ga, Nickel plated, my old BMW Motorcycle gun), and a couple Vang Comp barreled 870’s, plus a nicer shotgun or two.

    Also available a .44 Vaquero, a 6″ factory tuned Python, a couple .44 Mag Ruger rifles.

    Thinking someone might want to play with my old Ted Yost era 1911 Gunsite Service Pistol, possibly some of the Smith & Wesson Scandium revolvers if anyone wants to take a chance on a trip to the emergency room for sutures.

    Also loading about 70 rounds of full-house .458 Lott, and I have about 100 rounds of .458 Winchester deer loads (light loads) for anyone that wants to play with my African Dangerous Game Stopping Rifle.

    Assorted Glocks, but who cares? 9mm, .40 S&W, 10 MM, various sizes from ultra-compact to full long slide competition guns, if anybody’s interested.

    Couple AK’s and AR’s, but also, who cares.

    If anyone sees anything on the list they want to play with, let me know.

    FormerFlyer (monahanmgmt AT aol DOT com)


    • I’ll play with most anything you care to bring, but the .458 Lott sounds scary – also my $0.02-worth advice is don’t bring more than you can carry! Lugging a lot of iron around through the Casino can be a bit tiresome. If you have a good scoped rifle the steel gongs (200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700-yards) are fun (if I remember right), and there’s a steel drum up at 900-something…


    • That medium-bore Steyr would be a HOOT, I think. Perfect size/weight for the bigger game that stomp around the inland NW…but that’s just my preconception, as I’ve never done any of that, but I DO know how much I enjoy my ProHunter .308 when afield.


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