Hunter Edu. II

Another night of class, more with respect to Archery, and then the situations and conditions faced by hunters accompanied by anecdotes by Mac who has hunted all-over: like is it a cow or a buck or a yearling, is that duck flying by a male or female? But mainly, PPPPPP – Proper Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance. Like having the paperwork for your California horses’ significant markings and gum-tattoos – or whatever they use to identify them – can enable you to continue to your hunting destination when stopped by Colorado Game Officers concerned with horse-thieves. And having somebody in camp with a Bear Tag when you’re forced to shoot one in self-defense or defense of the camp. Old Mac had a whole slew of stories and experiences to share with us, both as a hunter taking game from California to Alaska to Idaho to Colorado – and sa a 30-year Highway Patrol veteran.
Because it is Regulations that set the Standards and Procedures, and those drive the outcomes and determine the results and effects of interactions with Fish & Game Officers – and as usual, ignorance is no excuse in the eyes of the law… So you have to know the critter. Know is it male or female, what its age is, what makes it eligible to take as game, what the area you are in allows, and what time of year you can take game.
If you thought the Gunsteroonie Ninja-SWAT Shoot-House with shoot-no-shoot targets was tough, wait till you sneak up on an underage deer with pointy little antlers that smells you coming and is moving around to avoid you, one that blends in perfectly with its surroundings. In other words, it’s no walk in the park cow-shooting, you have to know a lot about the game you’re hunting, and how to identify it correctly AS game. Or risk a hefty fine or even imprisonment.
And then you have to gut, clean, and dismember the carcass before the meat spoils.

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