Hunter Education

Most of my classmates were under fifteen. There were a couple dads and a mom – and a girl in the mix. One kid seemed to arrive under his own power. Mostly it’s NRA Juniors stuff and a good springboard for their future, with an emphasis on basics and cleaning and rules. The kids are eager and already know a lot so it must be hard to sit-still. I remember that age, a bit. We didn’t get into the outdoorsy stuff yet, and I suppose there’s other ways to take the test and get the license, but this is all-right and it’s engaging with new folks.
Maybe it’s weird but I’m not used to driving home at night, because I don’t “go out” anymore really, not more than necessary or for what was once considered fun.

UPDATE: I have a new appreciation for Realtree camo, and need an orange cap from Cabela’s.

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