Interarms Mark-X & R1100R Battery

The Gentleman’s Express wouldn’t start, so I un-gear’d and made my rounds of the gun-shops by F-150, to talk about hunting with guys who had hunted. Many positive responses and good feed-backs later I was at my local shop looking at an (60’s-era?) Zastava-action Mauser Interarms Mark-X in .243 with a fixed power Weaver K8 UPDATE: Weaver K4 – that had been around the block and out in the field more than a few times but still looked pretty. Interarms-x243It’s not as nice as this one at Cabela’s Gun Library, but has the same shape stock and is not nearly as expensive either. The old scope was clear and sharp and had a pretty wide field of view for our short-and-brushy shooting.
Interarms has an interesting history as former Cold-War CIA spook Sam Cummings was sort of the OG Merchant of Death, selling arms around the world and on occasion to both sides. One of his arms shipments to Batista (AR-10’s) was intercepted and captured by Castro. He became a British subject and moved to Monaco while running the HQ out of Alexandria, VA.
Anyhow I don’t have tine with CA’s stupid 10-day wait period to bring it up to Gunblogger Rendezvous-X and sight-it in to my eye-point, so I has a sad. Unless I get it first thing tomorrow morning and pick it up on the morning of the 20th before driving up to Reno – which could still happen…
UPDATE: Not gonna happen.
UPDATE: That’s not gonna happen, but never say never…
Sunday we had a fun time (and great food) at the Gun Club Picnic, and met some very nice people. The fabulous Donna and husband Bob, and Jean and husband ex-cop Bill were a couple of friends who invited us to sit with them, and we had a nice time chatting about all manner of things. I won ONE raffle item, a re-up to my Gun Club membership, but all my tickets on the S&W 9mm Shield didn’t pan-out. Oh well it’s to a good cause, the oldest and longest running gun-club in California.
Meanwhile after three days on the Battery Tender, the juice-pot still showed no signs of buzzy electron life, so I got under the hood and lifted the lid and removed the Yuasa 51913. It took a while because BMW (and all motorcycles, really) packages things tight, but I didn’t have to remove the entire tank, just un-do enough peripherality to lift up the ass-end — which took a while and a few screws and a 2×6 to figure-out. The juice levels are all below par and I want a gel-battery anyhow, let’s see if one can be found locally. NAPA or O’Riley’s are my main choices, or Mike’s Kawasaki might have something. There’s a LOT of small engines around here doing yeoman’s work in the field, from Husqvarna mowers to saws, to Kawasaki Mules and other quad farm-equipment, to watercraft toys, so I expect (hope) it shouldn’t be too hard.
UPDATE: Battery coming Wednesday.

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6 thoughts on “Interarms Mark-X & R1100R Battery

  1. A “battery of rifles” you say?

    Make mine a Phased Plasma Rifle in the 40 gw range, if you please?

    Not only does it field-dress Bambi on the first shot, but with careful waveform attenuation, yields a perfect medium rare backstrap in the doing.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


  2. About a year or two after The Kraut and I got married, she opened up about wanting to try deer hunting with me. Shocked as I was, I also knew she was a bit more averse to recoil than I was after having seen her shoot my various rifles, and since she’s kinda short, I went about trying to find her the right rifle/cartridge combo for deer harvesting for someone with a short stature.

    Obviously, being from the Old Continent, she was looking for something German, but most of that was too $$$ and/or too heavy. I had pretty much narrowed the caliber thing down to the newish .260 Remington cartridge (a popular wildcat chambering for some time), or the time-tested .243, and managed to chase that down on a Steyr ProHunter (the Austrians are fellow German-speakers afterall, so, close enough) in their Mountain Rifle configuration; short, light and extremely handy. I took a chance and plunked down cash for it in .243 and mounted up a Conquest-series scope from Zeiss.

    I must admit that after shooting it I turned green with a serious case of rifle envy; my wife had a much nicer deer-hunting rifle than I did…soooooooooo, I did what any rational man would do, ordered up another one in .308 Win. for myself several months later.

    Your new .243 should do a more than adequate job with stalking about for the hoofed rats.



    • “Austrians! More German that the Germans!” 🙂 The Steyr Pro Hunter Mountain Rifle is a beauty, and with a Zeiss scope wold make a sweet package – but is a bit beyond my financial reach. Having really-never and never-really “looked” at hunting rifles before, the whole venue is opening up like a new night-sky…there’s just a lot to figure out.


    • Should have bought it Saturday. With the shop closed today, the 10-day wait ends Friday and I drive-up to GBR-X on Thursday. So I have not yet made that “financial commitment” and live to spend another day! Still was neat exploring Interarms’ history.


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