More funky weather

Overcast and high temps mean humid – which is new for me but I’m a newbie. Our lovely bartender friend at Wally’s related a weekend trip to the high country (Lake Alpine on Hwy-4, around 7,300 feet) with her little kids that was first inundated with rain, then struck by first small dime-sized hail, then bigger, then golf-ball sized – and so damaged their pop-up (hard-roof) trailer it leaked rain, and had the scared kids in tears.
Summertime in the Sierra, really anything can happen.
And we’re on for Hunter Education.
And maybe the ’42 .303 Ishapore SMLE is a better choice as far as softpoints go. So I need to get to the range with that and see where its 100-yard zero is at.

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4 thoughts on “More funky weather

  1. Don’t worry so much about the rifles zero, find your zero.
    That is the yardage that you can place killing shots.
    And from the position that you will more than likely be shooting from.

    You still have to know the rifles zero as a good starting point though.


    • Thanks Jon! I need to spend some time shooting the .303 offhand, and then over sticks. Or buy a plastic gun with a scope and start-over.
      I think the Hunter Education class might really help answer some of these questions and help direct my path.


  2. That area up Hwy 4 around Ebbetts Pass is fantastic rain or shine. It’s easily as spectacular as the Alps. Lots of little lakes and huge stacks of raw granite amid tall pines.


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