Strange Weather, Twists and Turns

Overcast and cool – only 80 when it should be about 99-degrees out. Got out early and chopped down some wannabe oaks, a small circle of stalks about three-inches in diameter that were rubbing up and bothering the aspens. Also more bramble and some overgrown crap-plant. And dug-out the wisteria vine that was going to pull down the porch railing.
Talking about goign to the range tomorrow, shoot the AR and perhaps the .30-40Krag – and maybe the NATO Ishapore…because suddenly I was invited go deer hunting on my new best-friend’s property: 160 private acres up on Pilot Hill! WTF? Hunting? Archery season begins in two weeks, rifle in September.
Where do I begin? Seriously there’s bucks with pointy-pointy racks up there – and a bear. Not going after the bear. So… Sighting in the Krag might be in order. That would make it challenging and not just deer-shooting, I guess. How much does a deer-hunt cost? What about tags? Do I need to buy a big old skinning knife or can/should I use the Krag’s Bayonet? Many questions, and the whole thing comes as a surprise.

UPDATE: May have to consider hunting with the .303 Brit because I have softpoints for that, but I don’t have any 7.62 NATO that isn’t FMJ spitzer and that’s not really a “deer round” AFAIK. I think mastering archery in just two weeks might be pushing my envelope a bit, even if the deer are only 50-feet away.

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6 thoughts on “Strange Weather, Twists and Turns

  1. I’d skip the archery hunt this year, too. That’s not a skill you can pick up in a few days, and after you learn how to shoot a bow and arrow you still have to learn how to shoot a deer with one, which is also not easy.

    Any of the three you mentioned will work fine for deer. I don’t know if California has gone completely unleaded, but if so you’ll need to spend about 30 bucks for a box of expanding non-led bullets. There’s now two or three brands that are pretty good and semi affordable.

    as for cleaning and gutting a deer, pretty good directions can be found on YouTube. It would be cheating, but if the area of you’re hunting has any signal, just follow step by step on your smartphone as you go.

    Any decent boning knife from your butcher block will work just fine to clean a deer. My first outdoor knife was in Chicago Cutlery 4 inch boning knife stolen from our butcher block and wrapped in a small piece of canvas I found to protect the blade, with all of that shoved into an old worn out sneaker, just the left one if I recall correctly, to keep the point and edge from cutting through my pack. You’d be surprised what you can come up with when you’re a broke kid, but that setup cleaned hundreds of trout and carp and even a couple of larger critters.

    as for cost, I shot my first deer wearing sneakers and blue jeans and a denim jacket. and I did a hand-me-down buck folding knife for skinning, and a large gunny sack for the meat. Had my dad’s old pack frame to carry out the meat, my boy scout canteen for some water. That was the extent of my gear. Buy your hunting license, and don’t get too hung up on the stuff. You can easily spend a few thousand dollars on hunting specific gear and never even reach for the bottom. But you don’t need anything fancy.


    • Yeh I kinda thought I’d be in over my head with archery. I think my new friend (who’s excited about bow-hunting season) just wanted to trade me the hunt for the freezer we bought and are not using, but he also has the acreage and a buddy who hunts there with a rifle. But even hunting private land you need to complete the Hunter Education Course and get a license or a tag – or something. And the copper-solid ammo, maybe. And I don’t have a smart-phone.


  2. If the mag capacity doesn’t break regs, I’d be going on that deer hunt with the Ishapore, because the Krag is about 19′-0″ long, if memory serves. Getting the muzzle swung ’round might take a while, and I’d assume you might have trees in the way of that steel.

    I do my skinning with a fixed blade Buck of about 4″, if it means anything to you.

    Good luck, and enjoy.


    • It’s a whole ‘nother thing, and the Krag is about 19-feet long. I’ve never hunted before, and my new best-friend suggested the Archery hunt, but I’d have to practice a lot. Every day. And lose a lot off arrows. So…we’ll see.


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