Pinned & Recessed

IMGP2310_x800IMGP2313x800The 6″ 1970 Model 19-3 is a sweet chunk of shootin’ iron.
There’s a bit of muzzle wear from the old clam-shell holster (too bad it didn’t come with it), so I even have a holster already to add s’more, an older (naturally) but good condition Bianchi 5BH.
Now I’m looking for ammo, which is plentiful.

UPDATE: Plentiful but plenty expensive. Found some 158gr Hydrashoks and a bunch of JSP’s – looking for heqavy-weight bullets not 110gr. flyweights that go high – I want the gun to shoot to point-of-aim and not have to re-regulate it for flyswatter loads. I want Practice to be spent on trigger-work and cylinder manupulations, not chasing a zero…

Meanwhile it’s 98° outside, and to stave off potential Malaria I am back inside experimenting with Hendrick’s gin and some $pecialty “Premium India Tonic Water.” Love the quinine…

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  1. “Gin… I knew there was something wrong with that guy. I never met a gin drinker yet that you could trust.” – Parnell Emmett McCarthy


  2. Nice Model 19. I have a 19-4 in similar trim.

    I have found, over the years, that I get almost the same point of impact from same-weight bullets, regardless of velocity. I load a TON of .38 and .357 using 158 gr. plated bullets, and don’t have to adjust the point of impact when switching to full-house 158 gr. JSP hunting loads. Much nicer to practice with 800-1000 fps ammo than the earth-shattering maximum energy loads, and that K-frame Smith will last a LOT longer that way, too.

    If you don’t reload, you can get the same effect by buying factory .38 or .357 mid range 158’s as well. Any of the cowboy action ammo I’ve seen is 158, and HSM and other reloaders make 3/4 Magnum 158 .357’s (hint, usually their lead bullet or plated bullet loads are not 100% magnums, almost all under 1000 fps).

    Enjoy it. K-frame Smith’s are one of my all-time favorite carry guns. Gotta find a nice model 66, though. I can rust out almost any blued steel gun in one day of carry. I don’t dare take that M-19 out for any serious carry, it’s too pretty.



    • Thank Pat! That’s good to know, and about the plated bullets too, I came across some of them and truncated-cone plated semi-wadcutters were new to me!
      I was planning a training session with my wife and the revolvers: a 4″ model 10-8, this one, the Big Old Colt, and the Ruger cowboy, and various loads…but she wants to start with rifles and the AR instead. 🙂


  3. Absolutely beautiful! Do NOT leave that to me in your will…… I might have to send Guido n’ Vito to help expedite the transfer! *kidding!*

    Very lustworthy. Congrats!

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


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