Gone missing…

My parents are of an uncomfortable age where their friends keep disappearing. Today they lost three.
One lady of song-like voice whose husband was among a circle of my mom’s beaus before she choose Dad, and who loaned Mom her wedding dress so that Mom would have something to wear at her own wedding: “Something borrowed…”
Another man was an old Southern Pacific railroad guy, who I met on a trip south down the Coast, and who sent us care-packages long ago while in India as a kid.

UPDATE: News to me: Bob in the Army: since being a Southern Pacific railroad-guy (how??) the Army sent him up with trains from India up into Burma, to fight the Japanese. When(ever) they took fire/made contact with the Japs, all the Indians and locals bailed out, and he had to “activate” the “U.S. Civilian Advisors” to run the machine… That group from Grace Baptist sent us care packages that I still remember because the boxes were hand-stitched all-around with a sheet, and covered in sealing-wax emblems, in order that they not be broken and stolen buy the Indian P.O. So that’s how I got my Christmas Gi-Joe from Grandpa.

Third was an old friend from Seminary days, with whom my Folks stayed-with at their house in Hawaii.
One day, all gone. The Greatest Generation is fast disappearing…
I would give Mom a hug, but I’m up here now. Also they had many-many more friends than I have, so my prospects look bleak even if you take the long-view. *sigh*

Quick UPDATE: The good thing is that minor guilt off this kind works, or call it sympathy – so I called Mom & Dad to give a virtual hug, and all they wanted to do was talk a mile-a-minute about other things. They are so full of positive mental energy and spirit I can’t even keep up. So fine.
SAD Update: My parent dead friends outnumber my live ones. I better get to work!

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    • Mom and Dad maintain a lot of vitality and mental acuity. Dad can’t row Crew at Annapolis anymore, but if you told him he’d get in your face about it. Fifteen years ago he was talking about goign on a Trireme-thing rowing “cruise” in Greece with other rowers… Maybe he forgot about the manacles and leg-irons and stuff??


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