National Moto

I tried to relax with a beer and watch the Washougal National, and succeeded. The mud reminded me of racing enduros, the speed reminded me of not-me. But it looked like fun and that was a relief and set a bunch of positive-thoughts in action. With the temps set to soar into the mid 100’s all next week, the wet and damp looked very foreign and European.
The fire on 50 up at Kyburz? Evacuations lifted, 30-percent contained with only 200-acres burnt, and the road is back open – metered at Sly Park Road and escorted through the fire area. Thank God.
And an old friend and wife are going to make their escape from the South-BayAryans and get up here to CCW-land and Free-California. They made an offer on a small house that was accepted, at a price they could afford – twenty minutes up the back-road. We used to ride together and crash our brains out, on street and dirt, and point and laugh. His injuries have caught up with him and he’s not riding anymore: bum rotator-cuff, multiple surgeries, maybe another. It will be good to have a buddy nearby and they are happy to escape the toxic environment. Maybe I can trick him into taking the Mighty KTM for a lap around the prairielands..

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