Four Miles

So… After yesterday plunking a chunk down on the ’70 Smith Model-19 and buying some WallyWorld .357 loads (and a plastic Plano “can” of its own), I awoke and went on-line, and saw on the Gun-Club Calendar that there was a “Tea Party Shoot!” 9:00AM – 12:00PM – and FINALLY got my sh*t together.
Being a revolver-happy guy at the moment, I packed the ammo for the two big revolvers – each in its own can of .45 Colt, and .44-40 WCF – and drove out to the range. Just eight minutes and four miles from garage-to-gate. Seriously I’ve never had it this good.
The folks were very pleasant and the atmosphere casual and firm but not overbearing. As long as you exhibit proper procedure and protocol, and ESPECIALLY MUZZLE DISCIPLINE, everything is smooth – BUT people with too much attitude and too-casual regard for safety get moved on real quick.
I shot the Colt M1909 for familiarity first. Not knowing what to expect of the Ruger .44-40 I wanted a baseline. And so I shot low and to the left and a couple flyers off the black – Doh! Another cylinder rectified that, then the Colt and its ammo went away, and .44-40 came out — and after shooting .45Colt loads (and not Cowboy loads) it was like shooting a slightly hot .38 Special. What a fun gun! Except for unloading. The SAA ejector rod that pushes-out cases is uncomfortable close to the muzzle and that was just weird. Also the loading process feels a bit stilted and formal – but I suppose that’s a good thing. So I went trading back and forth every couple cylinders – only one caliber at a time on-station – and had some fun. The SAA is a trip, but thumbing back the hammer with the support hand is very fast. Woot!

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11 thoughts on “Four Miles

  1. I think it came with a rifle, too, but that was a LONG time ago!

    And yep, I had the Tommy Gun, too, and you could rip through a roll of caps so fast, that Mom would tell you to “save” them because they cost money, and money doesn’t grow on trees.


    • And the rolls of caps were not all that reliable. The cheap ones would misfire and/or tear off and gum-up the mechanism. They you had to set them off by hand, with a rock.


    • My favorite thing was to take a whole roll of caps, soak it in 3-in-One oil, and smack it with a sledge hammer.

      They ALL went off at once, and it was a pretty big BOOM!


    • I did not know you could do that or I would have tried! Two rolls to start! But living in the burbs my dad the wood-shop teacher had saws and no sledge.
      I had to light model airplanes on fire and fly them into model aircraft carriers. The sand-box made a relatively safe locationa for such re-enactments, too bad about the cat-poo.


    • I tried two rolls.


      The resulting blast was so big it knocked the sledge out of my hands, and left me deaf for a few minutes.

      I don’t know what it was about the 3-in-One oil, but it worked better than charcoal lighter, lighter fluid (the same thing, I think), motor oil, kerosene, and even gasoline.

      The fact that the gas evaporated so fast probably saved my life!


  2. Fun guns, and safety IS a priority… SAA loading procedure is load one, skip one, load four. That puts and empty chamber under the hammer.


    • But the Ruger has no firing *pin* on the hammer, and a hammer-block and anti-rebounding hammer – and it doesn’t go click-click-click-click and spell C..O..L..T when you draw back the hammer.
      I might as well have an Audi, or a Chevy Volt for all the soul it has…


  3. When I was just a mini-kid, my Dad bought me a Mattel “Fanner Fifty”, which was a six-shooter with a big flared part to the hammer.

    The idea was to encourage you to just “hold the trigger back” and “fan” the hammer with your other hand so you could empty all six shots at the target.

    It used “Greenie Stick ‘Em” caps, and the cartridges had springs in them that would propel the plastic “bullets” out the barrel to about 15 feet.

    I actually got good enough at it to keep all six shots in the black at 10 feet, which maded Dad quite proud.


    • Oh man that’s awesome! I think I remember that! But I do (more) remember the Mattel WWII Tommy-gun inspired by Combat! that ate-up a whole roll of caps. Doug Beagle had one of those, his folks were surprisingly Liberal in the real and true sense of laissez-faire parenting and free-range kids… My parents were already actively anti-gun and into social-control and social engineering. 😦
      His dad was the lead guy on SMSG – what we as kids called, “Some Mad Scientist Goofed” – aka the School Mathematics Study Group, or New Math. We were guinea pigs on that one, and you too…as much as they could catch in the net anyhow. Read anything Kevin Baker writes on education and it ties in.


    • YES! I had one of those. And my Dad even special ordered a LEFT HANDED holster for it! Took three months to get!
      Later, I got the Mattel version of the Dick Special – no such luck with that shoulder holster, though. Had to turn it inside out to wear it!
      Thanks for the memories!



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