I stuffed an 18v. battery in the mini DeWalt Skillsaw, and went after the plum branches resting on the railing of the raised-beds. We’re not sure why the raised planting-beds have railings around them that don’t keep anything out and require you to hike your skirt to climb over. Maybe that’s the secret. So I hiked my Wranglers and set-to cutting until the 12-to-16-inch remnants filled the dump-trailer. Then we motored us over to the wood pile and pulled the tailgate.
UPDATE: Ok so it’s not a very big pile, and it’s fruitwood that will burn hot and fast. It’s a start!

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2 thoughts on “Woodpile

  1. The small fast and hot burning sticks are good for getting things started… once they are seasoned of course.

    Unless you are using it in your smoker, I would burn everything except pine or other soft woods.


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