Four-Eyes h8te speech

Wearing spectacles is a pain, especially when you’re sweaty and they slide off and hit the dirt, or drop into the bucket of paint – but I’ve never be able to actually and intentionally stick something like a contact-lens into my eye – the flinch would toss it in the dirt every time. Besides they are effective (and constant) eye-pro in my thick RX, and protect from wind-blast, and shooters ready on the right and left.
Anyhow at this age now I wear bi-focals, and bi- or tri-focal…contacts? I suppose it’s been done by somebody, but for me just never-mind.
My pair of glasses (Smiths) snapped a flimsy post, and now we have to go back to Kaiser for repair-work. I was hoping that with this nice weather (only in the low 90’s) I’d be able to take the Gentleman’s Express out for a comfortable romp on the back roads.

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10 thoughts on “Four-Eyes h8te speech

  1. Pal, you must, absolutely must, have at least two pairs of spare glasses.
    In 1976 I lost my only pair while white water rafting in Wyoming. Oops, so much for the rest of that year’s summer vacation.
    Fast forward to 2015: My untamed son accidentally clobbered me in the face last month, breaking my relatively-sturdy task glasses into three pieces. “No problem, Griff. Just let me reach into my courier bag and get out my spare pair.”
    One is none, they say.

    • I explored an option for Lasik by a super-opthalmologist at Stanford, but at this stage my vision was basically un-correctable. Either they could fix my far-distance (mostly) but then I’d need coke-bottles for anything inside room-distance, and double-cokes for reading – or visa versa. Either way I’d have three pairs of glasses, so I was advised to skip-it.

  2. Been wearing eyeglasses since the 6th Grade. (I’m currently 62).
    I researched discount places on the Internet. ZENNI Optical seems to be the best for the money. Hundreds of choices. I got my new glasses in 8 DAYS, and they look good and I can see well with them.
    Graduated lenses, lightweight, $88.00 !
    (I get nothing from them)


    • Hi Guffaw! I got mine at the end of 5th grade – five years later. It would have been better for me if it had happened sooner, I missed a year of math and never really caught back-up. 🙂

    • Hey NC! Great to hear from you. I did the opposite – went from remedial to advanced in one semester. I spent years in grade school memorizing the eye chart so I wouldn’t be forced to get glasses. Eventually my nearsightedness caught up with me…

    • I didn’t mind wearing glasses, it meant that I could read signs, and things past my desk – like the blackboard. I did really well in English and History and subjects that were “audio-based” like languages. I missed a lot of the basic, foundational and mechanical parts of doing Math – although I was somehow pretty good at Geometry and spatial things. I flunked Algebra in HS.

  3. Keeping some cheap frames around – from the cheap sources like WalMart and CostCo – for doing the painting/mowing/whatever has worked for me. Or even using last-years prescription, now that they don’t change much year-to-year.

    • I’m OK with Smith dirtbike goggles, but these frames were stupid and weak ddesign. I heard somewhere that 90% of frames are owned by one Italian company, and most are made in China? Anyhow I’m back from the vision-service at Kaiser and insurance covered for replacement.

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