Administrative Handling

At 7:00AM I took a rake and some clippers and drove the mower and little dump-trailer out under the biggest oak and gathered dead-fall and debris. I managed to fill the trailer with an assortment of crap and dumped it onto the now-forbidden burn-pile, making a nice nest for rats and other crawly field creatures . Maybe the owls will feast upon them.
By the time I was done I needed another shower. It’s 100-degrees in the shade out there, so rather than contiunue with yardwork I decided to indoorize myself and organize my closet-full of shooty ammo stacked in the various metal lock-boxes.
The older brown Homak box now contains all my Gauge-stuff, plus an assortment of what little (and ancient) .22 I have.
The green Stack-On next to it has all the riflery boolitz; from 5.56 NATO, to .30cal M2-Ball in en-bloc clips and bandoleers, to some recent 7.62 NATO, to .303 British, to .30-40 Krag.
The other green Stack-On has the various pistolery-types, all beginning with a “Four” as directed, commanded, and recommended by so many warrior-ninja magazineers: .45acp, .45Colt, and .44-40 together, with the exception of some of that wimpy FBI-load 158gr. old-school .38Special crap since it’s all handgunnery.
None of that .40S&W stuff and I have no 9mm, but the Gun-Club Picnic is coming up and maybe I’ll win a modern shootin’ iron of a strange and European caliber. Then I might have to expand.
So there.
Out the window the breeze in the aspen trees looks pleasantly warm.

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