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8 thoughts on “Hit a stump and kept going.

  1. Try to use the shoulder strap on the weeed whacker. Best to avoid the arc of string contact that throws stuff back at you. Because of the gearing at the end of the straight shaft version, it rotates opposite of the curved shaft. I think. I use the straight one. The string lasts longer if the tip hits, instead of the whole string. Cuts better, too. So, don’t angle the head to the ground very much, and swing it slower than you would like. Some stuff is too tuff for the string. Just go around, and use another method to cut it later. Don’t waste time trying to nibble it. Except for driveway cracks. Turn the string vertical and sort of trench it to root out the weeds.

    If you bother to trim the edges of lawns, it works better if you stand on the grass side of the edge, not the pavement. Something to do with the dynamics of the rotating string, it wants to wander away from you, so if you stand the wrong way it tends to give you a very ragged edge. Looks very unprofessional.

    I’m looking for some bicycle training wheels to mount on the W-W, to use it as a small area mower. Hard to hold it steady enough by hand to make a nice looking surface. String digs in and yanks it down and instant scalp job. There used to be lots of brands of that sort of adapter, but the only one still available is like $80.


    • Hi Will! Thanks for the weed-whacker application and technique advice! It’s a straight-pole Echo two-stroke machine. Do I run it at 40:1 on Yamalube like the KTM, or is that too rich for such a tiny piston? Anyhow it’s too damn hot (this week) to work after 9:30AM anymore! All the grass I cut is dead and lying fallow, the bluebirds and woodpeckers are loving it. Lotta bugs out there in the field.


  2. Buy a few pounds of Tannerite. You’ll have a blast, and you won’t be stumped in future mowing endeavors.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX


    • I’m in “Gold Country” so Tannerite seems a bit tame! I’m sure there’s guys around (like around the corner at the nearby quarry) with dynamite! 🙂


  3. I am in the process of mapping out where to plant wildflowers. So I have less to mow.

    If you rent a stump grinder, get the one that is self-propelled. (The small ones work on small stumps, but they are a pain. And they don’t work on larger stumps.) Also there is a special place in Hel reserved for the folks who cut stumps too low, and then don’t grind them. (I will be renting a grinder for the 2nd time this year.)

    Mowing is a pain, but it can also be zen. Get books on tape (or books on mp3) for the phone. I have to do about 30 minutes of hard work with a hand mower, and then I ride around for an hour or so.)


    • Thanks Deb! These stumps need grinding, and a renting a self-propelled one would go a long way walking! Kinda hit a zen spot today after an hour and a half. I like to listen to the sound of the blades slipping on the worn-out belt – but I got a new belt anyhow… Need to find those Gator mulching blades to fit this thing and go over the grass again, turning it into grass-dust. Or buy a shiny new Husqvarna.


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