Got the mower out in the tall grassland, around 8:00AM after a breakfast of bacon and eggs. I’m not sure what “Country-Neighborly Protocol” dictates but I kinda think that to start mowing at 6:30 might be the beginning of a new name, “Hey Asshole!” Maybe 7:00AM is “safe”??
So I motored around for a good hour-and-a-half, stopping under trees to pick up dropped branches that might do harm, hitting buried unknowns that went bang, and I still have a lot to do but it’s already 80-degrees and gettin’ hotter today.
After the half-assed mow I quit at 9:30 because the engine began stuttering from fuel starvation and so I ran it up into the side driveway and parked.
Gas from the 5-gal gas can with the stupid CA-CARB mandated gimmick nozzle for eco-safety. Saturn’s moon Titan has more gas than Earth and with no evidence of “fossils” I believe that then notion of “fossil-fuel” is a huge bit of Ecotard distraction and head-fake.
After re-gassing I applied the water attachment to the wash-out port and cleaned out all the caught-up clippings and jammed-up mow-bunch stuff, then flaked the garden hose like my father taught me (and I think he learned in the Navy), in a figure-eight.
Looking around the garage I loosened the jam-nuts of the Mighty KTM from the jack-stand and heaved her off. Tipped some old pre-mix into the tank and laid her over on her side to fill the float-bowl. With the difficult to engage (and dis-engage) choke button pushed-up, after a few kicks she started!
So I ran a few laps of the yard in my cowboy hat and boots. Good enough. Oh man that dirt feels so good! I need to get some more pre-mix going in that baby and do some Dunlop weed-whacking. Oh man – my yard, my bike, my-oh-my…

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5 thoughts on “It’s ALIVE!

  1. People have been living building and burying crap at my place for 250 years and so lots of hidden surprises always popping up to knock the crap out of my Deere…..I hate mowing!


    • This Ariens mower is a Home Depot job that everyone says will break easily. My half-Swedish ancestry makes me lust for a Husqvarna with more horses and an all-steel cutting deck!


  2. My tractor doesn’t sputter, it just quits. Consider yourself lucky you get the warning. Unless it is the fuel filter….

    Mowing grass. dealing with down branches. You may not realize it, but you are in fact living the dream.


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