Tractorland Funhouse

IMGP2238_x800Got it jacked up and undid a bunch of clevis-type pin things, retaining arms and a cable or two – and un-wound the belt.




IMGP2244_x800Secured by two big heavy rubber wheel-chocks and pointing uphill (slightly).




The underneath looked pretty clean since I had washed it out and swept away a bunch of debris.IMGP2247_x800






But the deck was a gunk-hole and I had to scrape away a lot of hardened green-crud.IMGP2239_x800




One of the pulley’s was a bit bent and we straightened it out. The blades were as round as a rubber hose and nicked all over.

I wandered up to my neighbor’s house (who was working on his deck with a helper) and he came down to have a look. We un-bolted the baldes and he took them in hand and applied them to his grinding wheel to sharpen them up.
With his helper (Tom, who was a close friend of the previous owner here) we pounded on it a bit and got it all straightened out and re-assembled, and now the blades turn and don’t drop-off the belt, or visa-versa.

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8 thoughts on “Tractorland Funhouse

  1. I’m wondering if there is something that can be sprayed on the various surfaces that would keep the bio stuff from sticking?
    One of the resulting problems I can envision is a loss of airflow management for proper vacuum effect. I need to start cleaning the yard equipment more often.

    How tall are you leaving your grass? Recently, I lifted the mower another notch higher on the wheel settings, and I was already higher than any of the neighborhoods. I’ll have to measure, but at least 3 inches high. Much greener than others now. Got to cut back the water, which was my actual target.


    • I have the mower set at the highest position or else the engine will bog and die in the tall stuff – 4-inches. If I even drop it to 3.5 it starts to slow and bog.

      Maybe I need a good coating of diesel oil on the deck to smmooth the way, something very UN-environmental, preferably radioactive even..


  2. Funny you should be going through this right now, as I did a new PTO belt on mine just last week, after noticing a pronounced and rhythmic sound when the blades were engaged. Aramid fiber reinforced job went in place of the original. Hope to never deal with it again. Thankfully, no problems with the pulleys.

    Good luck, and enjoy


    • Amazing Coincidence or the Fates Intervene? I think mine needs a new belt, and now I know what to ask-for! And Gator blades – maybe a mulch kit, I think it has the power for one.


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