Mower Deck

After an extensive green-gunk and lawn debris washing out, on my hands and knees there’s a pulley wheel that appears bent, so the belt pops off. I dunno. I guess the whole “deck” is an “attachment” can be dropped-down and freed from the mower and motor.
This is one weird diesel-dirtbike, it doesn’t even use pre-mix. Also I’d probably better not try and jump it if it breaks this easy…
UPDATE-UPDATE: This might help take a look-see. (If it doesn’t) Maybe I can sell it to my neighbor… Went together pretty quick and easy. It’s just a bottle jack with some heavy finger-pinching and toe bashing steel struts and leverage. A bit came loose un-packign, slamming down on my boot but I moved my foot and it only glanced off the toe-rubber, mostly.
some assembly required

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8 thoughts on “Mower Deck

  1. Dang, you scare me… where was your Hi’lift handi-man jack and then car jacks to keep it stable? You do have a handi-man jack, right!
    Might be easier to sell your tractor wantabe supply lift to the neighbor with the cows and invest in some solar powered hot wire and a couple of goats…


    • I don’t have a Hi’Lift, but my brother has one (or two?). He tried to give me one but I only saw hard-work, broken fingers and misery, besides we lived in the ‘burbs and what good is one there? I really don’t lift anything greater than my own weight if I don’t have to, but to stabilize it I have two great big heavy rubber wheel chocks, and the mower was facing uphill.
      I’m kinda slow at coming around to critters since I never had any animals to care-for besides myself. When I take care of plants they always die. I have a black thumb, not a green one. And how-come everybody keeps trying to sell me “solar?” Are they a bunch of hippies?


    • From the post above ^^^ sounds like you got it fixed, Yea!
      I will stop with the handi hints… being ranch raised and taught survival early on I kinda forget that that isn’t true for everyone.


    • I appreciate the concern! I was also taught (or learned, feral-like) survival early on when we went overseas to India! There were lots of cows there too, in fact everywhere you turned, but not for eatin’… Farmers but not ranchers, except way in the north in Punjab where the Sikhs live and eat beef – pisses the Hindus off something fierce, so it’s must be OK.


  2. Shouldn’t be bent of course, should just be a tension release to remove the deck/change the belt. Of course you used it for a while before the belt came off, so can you put it back and use it some more?

    My mower deck is held on with about 5 or 6 clevis pins. Couple in the front and back and one or 2 to keep if from swinging to the sides. It is a pain to get off, but necessary to change or sharpen the blades.

    Couple of wrenches – or a wrench and locking pliers – will probably change out the pulley.

    Good luck.


    • Like you say, there’s 5 or 6 clevis pins – but the belt won’t stay on anymore even when I put it back on, it p[ops right off. One pulley looks bent, it’s not square to the frame like its counterpart on the other side and it keeps losing the belt. A guy at a shop thought I might have busted a spindle, said they’re lightweight cast aluminum and designed to break before something in the motor breaks. I can’t see anything underneath there so I bought a lift at Tractor Supply, some assembly required (see pic).


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