Internet on the Prairie

And satellite TV! For the first time in my life I am paying to be drenched in the TV hose/slime-bucket. At least the installation was without consequence or misadventure.
So far nothing much of any interest besides the incredible on-bike camerawork from the Isle of Man TT, on Velocity, and a bit of Archer. That is all. It’s a wasteland.

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8 thoughts on “Internet on the Prairie

    • Back when my focus was solely asphalt and before it turned to dirt I used to have a little corner-by-corner guide to making the TT course, with pictures and arrows and diagrams, from a UK bike magazine, Bike I think it was. Amazing stuff like, “In fourth gear at 102 mph just kiss the curb at Ballacrain as you shift down into third doing 96mph before drifting across the line at the the tea-shop…”


    • I always envisioned a similar race on the windy roads around our coastal mountains where I grew-up, and I guess we practiced that. I’m sorry to hear you lost a friend there. At speed any obstacle to bikes and riders is unforgiving. I lost a buddy when a car turned in front of him on those coastal mountain roads, but he probably should not have been race-testing his CBR900.


  1. My 2 year contract is up shortly and I am trying to decide what to do… It gets expensive after the “initial price” period ends.

    I do enjoy the old movies. And the DVR lets me skip commercials almost entirely. My satellite internet isn’t up to the task of streaming Netflix et al, and the only land-based choice is DSL – and where I am it is slow even by DSL standards.

    TV is also a huge time suck. Considering how much value is really provided. Even the stuff that used to be good, Science Channel, History Channel are trying to out compete the insanity. (Ancient Aliens really doesn’t count as history. And endless episodes of “how its made” shouldn’t count as science.)


    • We have a Tivo at the other house and a broadcast antenna that gets more of the new digital channels than we watch or need. Some of it like “Grit TV” has a lot of old cowboy movies and WWII stuff – there’s actually a surprising amount on not-crap, and the Tivo gives you the ability to delete channels from your lineup that are worthless – like foreign language stuff or religious crap – and I like it because I worked on The Guide, and they licensed the Guide from us.
      But This new thing is a whole world of high-resolution pay-per-Suck and weird-creepy children’s programming and adult pay-per-Suck (literally) – it’s all a bit much and the interface is pretty opaque. It’s still a “guide” but they ruined it and made it harder to use.


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