El Niño on the Western Slope

Below average cool temps, “unseasonal” rain-showers, and snow up in the Sierras marks this year’s bit of El Niño — the wet baby. Last-year rain had ended mid-April and was not seen again until late September, while temps shot up into the low 90’s by May and into the 100’s in June.
This year after an early rise-and-spike we are experiencing a major drop and cooler temps, with rain events well into May. Old Sierra hands and barometer-watchers know that absolutely anything can happen anywhere in the High Country on a clear day.
Out of the blue there can be sudden localized temperature changes with clouds rushing-in to gather directly overhead, and in an half-hour an inch of snow will blanket you and you alone on your patch of mountain – while two-miles away people may frolic in mid-90’s temperatures, splashing in snow-melt streams to cool-off. It’s wicked-weird.

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5 thoughts on “El Niño on the Western Slope

  1. Well, congrats on closing the deal and breaking in the new digs!

    When we bought the house, now a dozen years ago, the first season was spent (wasted?) with a push mower (not even self-prop) doing the whole 5/8 acre. It only took about 6 hours.

    Bought a rider before the next season came around. Money well spent.

    Enjoy, sir.


    • Thanks Amigo! Breaking my ass! Those big old Klipsch speakers weigh a ton and are awkward. Just vacuuming the garage with a shop-vac took an hour, cat furballs everywhere and spider as big as cats. I thought the first rule of Shop Class was sweep-up? This guy (reportedly injured and now with a bad back – I know what that’s like) left a lot of sawdust and crap everywhere. 🙂


  2. Yeah, we’ve been soaked here. Flooding in some parts, though locally we’ve been spared; I probably sound like I’m bragging!

    May is typically quite wet and the muggy season sets in real quick-like about now, however, we’ve been fairly cool with frequent rains and storms. The grass sure does appreciate it, but I don’t care to mow it quite as often as it now demands!

    I think we’re only getting up to about 54 degrees today. Downright chilly for this time of year.

    Enjoy the rain. I know you guys need it out your way.


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