Back from the Bay

My youngest nephew (sister’s kid) got married Saturday. We drove Dad and Mom (with her 02 bottle-kit) in the truck, up to the ceremony at Quail Hollow in the Santa Cruz mountains. Dad as usual preformed the ceremony – and he did well for a 90-yr old, no teleprompter needed and a good strong voice.
Several of the Nephew’s other-side failed to attend – they have mental problems or something – but many did, and the bride’s family was real hoot especially grandma Juanita and her 2nd. husband who drove up from Yuma. I like them. The location by the small lake (pond) was serene, with some kind of Scottish-y drum-and-strum music playing. If they had bagpipes later I missed it because it got cold and dark too soon and we had to head down the hill.
New mattresses (soft) are on order to be delivered to my Parents’ home, so that family can stay-over without the excruciating pain of a rock-hard bed. The upstairs is still stuffy-hot since Dad never installed the attic fan.
Had dinner Friday with a friend who is still surviving and suffering at The Big Private University. In just two years local conditions in Googleopolis seemed to have more rapidly deteriorated – from our perspective. The downtown nightlife scene was like a Star Wars movie mixed with Burning Man. The noise level was high and the crowd was thick and boisterous, at the same time everyone (except us) stared urgently at handhelds. There’s some weird kind of psychic-hemispheric division taking place between the cerebellums there. We are both sooo glad we moved – and not a moment too soon – like the boiled-frog analogy, almost too late. We escaped Sunday in a 2-hour 80mph blitz-drive and slept soundly in our own home last night. Yay!

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