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10 thoughts on “1+1=10

  1. I recently discovered a potential fire hazard up against hte side of the house. Got several evergreens touching the side wall.

    There is also a giant pine in the same side yard, maybe fifty+ feet tall. There is a thirty+ year accumulation of pine needles and cones covering the yard, that is as much as a foot or more deep in places.

    Turns out there is the same 30+year buildup of needles inside the smaller trees. There is a nearly solid mass of needles, with air gaps to allow for optimum combustion. The amount of bio fuel just sitting there waiting for an ignition source is staggering. I figure if the ground cover lights off, those small evergreens will be torches aimed right at the roof overhang.

    Trying to get all those needles out of the trees is a PITA. Shop vac didn’t work. Poking/stirring with a stick is VERY slow. I’ll try a backpack leaf blower next. (An electric one didn’t faze it.)
    Working on shoveling a fire break away from the wall.


  2. Funny about the yard waste conundrum.

    A couple of months ago, one of my neighbors started burning some yard waste, which is entirely legal here, yet, considering the circumstances, was quite stupid.

    It had been quite dry up to that point, before the spring rains and well after the last of the snow (the little we got this winter) had melted.

    So he starts his brush burning, gets it going…and then walks back inside to watch the Jayhawks basketball game.

    The fire spreads in the light wind that typically blows out here and before he knows it, it’s consumed not only a section of his yard, but crept under his fence and onto mine, eventually making its way into my compost pile. That crap is about as flammable as a roman candle. At about that point The Kraut noticed something was amiss and informed me there was a fire in the back yard.

    It was a minute or two away from getting onto my shed, which would have required the FD to put out, had I not gotten the hose on it.

    Stupid is as stupid does.


    • Cool neighborhood! Can’t wait till the 4th of July! 🙂 We have burn days here, but not in our neighborhood, that’s further up elevation in the piney woods where the burning garbage-stink flushes-out the mosquitoes.


    • Sure can compost, just hard to compost granite. This location is on a rock outcropping with a thin veneer of soil and shrubbery appropriate to it, like cotoneasters, red-bud, and manzanita. The clay soil holds water like a bowl, and can rot roots just as easily as old flowers in a bud-vase of stagnant vase, unless they figure out a way to drill through and conform themselves to the conditions. We are at a corner of Pine Hill Preserve. 🙂


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