Rain Again

Awoke at 3>04 AM to the sound of heavy rain outside, yay! This will fill the rain barrels again, which will provide another mid-week drenching to the water-stressed trees and plants.
Since removing the rocks from all around the base of both our redwood tree and the blue spruce, the additional water has been a boon. The blotchy brown spots on the Sequoia sempervirens “foliage” have reduced in size and quantity, while the green tips on the spruce have have flourished. It’s gotta help these major flora that have been drought-stressed for the past five years and on a water-deprivation cycle.big blue spruce

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5 thoughts on “Rain Again

  1. No idea what the comp of your soil is, but you might consider small small amount (after testing) popcorn sulfur with micro nutrients. Did wonders for my evergreens on the edge of the Sierras.


    • We have about $50k of rocks, big and small, smooth river and crusty rustic, which surround little circles of shrubbery buried in clay at the top of a ridge that airplanes fly-over – and throttle-down to land at the landing strip on the other side down in the valley. We wave at them and sometimes they waggle the wings back at us. But that’s THIS house – there is another is coming, with pasture and grass…you’ll see.


  2. No snow for us here on the “rain shadow” side of those hills, but plenty of rain made it up and over. Pretty dark and stormy these last 24 hours, but no complaints. We need the rain!


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