Mid-Century Madhatter

I’m a big fan of the look and all, having grown up with it amongst my parents stuff and my father’s own furniture designs leaned that direction.
So now my wife tells me this is the final season of “Madmen” where that was quite the on-set feature. Bully for set-decorators!
Noticing that I also noticed that a very mid-century couch at trendy Cart and Barstool (sic) is called the “Petrie” – most likely from the very evocative Mid-Century Hip-and-Modern show of its 1961-1966 time-period, the urbane and sophisticated comedy styling of The Dick Van Dyke Show featuring Mary Tyler Moore as wife Laura, and Rob Petrie (Dick), a series that ending just before he became Disney-owned silver-screen legend, “Lt. Robin Crusoe, USN.”
That was a movie I actually saw (with my parents, I was all of Seven) right before we went overseas that year, and possibly/probably indelibly stamped me forever with a lifetime-love of the madcap South Seas and Tropical Island Paradise® – and beautiful girls in skimpy outfits. Or else that was caused by Bing and Bob in The Road to Bali-Singapore-Something…(The Sand Pebbles came later for me.)
So maybe eventually I’ll take a gander at it and all it’s Hip-Glory, when it hits our third-tier free-TV station, just like the Walking Dead is now doing. (I”m up to the point where they (stupidly) reach the aptly named “Terminus”…and have still never spent a dime on pay-TV.)

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3 thoughts on “Mid-Century Madhatter

  1. Love Mad Men! And that whole ‘retro’ mid-century period. I grew up then, too. Narrow lapels, narrower ties, and curvacious women! And the whole pre-hippie beatnik thing!



  2. LOL, sometimes is just a LOT cheaper to try to keep up with the cool kids… And you’re way ahead of me. I think I watched part of ONE episode…


    • I dunno, if you are patient it winds up coming to you anyhow, and by then the cool kids are off on another tangent. Since I was never cool it doesn’t really matter to me!


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