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Michael Miller Mid-Century Modern Atomic Turquoise Fabric

I was thinking (yes, a dangerous venture on my part but inevitable) that the horn tweeters in the Forté speakers are an unstoppable force, no amount of fabric tacked over them will mute the tones that emerge. And similarly the bass is a wave-form that begins in the cone but forms its true height outside the envelope of the enclosure, somewhere hopefully in the room where listening takes place. Otherwise it’s like standing by the speaker-stack at a concert and just feeling the lumpy-thumpy notes of “Boris the Spider” pass through your abdominal cavity and shake your gizzard. What special “speaker-cloth” is needed for such extremes? And in case it matters anyhow, the backside of the cabinet has the passive radiator that allows it to breathe, so breathing is not an issue. But I am not an audiophile, and there are perhaps many places where this theory could be wrong.IMGP2112_xMidCentury
I was just thinking (there’s that dangerous word again) of covering the speaker grilles with some impossibly fab hipster mid-century atomic fabric.
Hmmm. Pre-visualizing is good, it could be a bit bright and frightening. Where’s my black-velvet painting…

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9 thoughts on “Vintage Tunes

  1. Well, they’ll be less directional than corner horns. Just once in my life, I’d like to be in a proper room with some Klipschhorns.

    If resale value is important to you, then refinishing per original, yes. There are, I’ve read (just today, in fact) various schools of thought regarding fiddling with the internals, but in the end, it’s your enjoyment that counts. I suspect a good refinish in any sort of stain would be better than not at all.

    I have NHT Super 0’s. Surpisingly good bass from a small driver. But if i want more, I switch in the Velodyne. 🙂 Which I don’t do, while I’m living in the apartment. 😦

    I wouldn’t think re-doing the surround would be a big deal. I used to hear about people re-coning drivers. Or, I had to see what the Model 2 was, and found this thread about replacement drivers. If NHT is sending people to a vendor, they’re probably OK. New driver is easier. Unless you were going to send the driver out to have it done. Even there, a new driver might be cheaper.

    Hmm, well, further searching — AB Tech doesn’t exist? Found a reference to them at, but the link just goes to a domain search. Well, bound to be a vendor someplace with proper parts.

    I keep thinking about reviving the old Dual. More projects, always …


    • I’m looking for that proper room too! I’m not going to hurt them, but there’s a limit to golden oak… My parents have my Model Zero’s – they were the only thing that would make a decent tone in their house from a sub-standard receiver thing. I’m seriously afraid I might get them back sooner than I really need; Mom’s on O2 and dad is 90-something. I can really put-off THAT event as long as possible.
      I SAW that link! I’ll have to post a pic of the foam-deterioration,, but this house here needs tunes while I’m off fixin’ some other one, and the problem is not noticeable at reasonable/moderate volume. I’ve never been in a place where I was able and could crank them to escape velocity.


    • Ah yes, “reasonable” volume. My definition of that has changed quite a bit over 35 years. Used to be, just short of too much distortion. Back in the late 80’s, I had some Peavey 15″ 2-way PA speakers. I paired them with RTR 12″ 3-ways, driven off the Marantz, and a Hafler amplifier for the Peaveys. They actually complemented each other rather well. So, fidelity wasn’t up there with Apogee, etc., but still pretty good. But damn, did it ever thump!

      Hope you don’t get those Zeros back anytime soon.


  2. Hmmm. These are the Klipsch Forte? What I remember about old Klipsch is that room placement is very important. Yeah, these aren’t corner horns, but do some research on room placement. I found this review, just on a quick look around. The rear-mounted passive radiator needs some consideration too. I think (could be mistaken) that if you get too close to the wall, the bass will start to sound tubby. I think these need to be in a large room.

    Alternatively, if you don’t like that Klipsch sound, sell them, and get something else. NHT perhaps? I’m really not up on all the new audio stuff, so I couldn’t tell you where the most bang for the buck is to be had. But I sure like my NHT speakers – bought ’em used several years ago. (While seeing the humor in your fabric of choice, the audiophile voice in me is screaming at modifying what [among the Klipsch faithful] is a highly-regarded speaker.)

    Creepy, crawly …


    • Hi Jed! Makes sense to me to keep the rear radiator off the wall. My understanding was that these were less “directional” and simply needed to be spaced far enough apart, but not “pointed” so much. I’d get another pair of NHT Model-2’s in a heartbeat, mine need a bit of work after twenty-four years. There’s some foam loss around the left-side upper cone to be repaired.


    • What about re-finishing in black-oak – which was an original color choice. Would that be horrific? The grill-fabric is stained and needs replacing anyhow…


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