Happy Easter

Happy Easter all y’all and y’all’s friends too! The blood of the tree of tanbark must be spilt by man and today in the morning chill before the frosty storm, whilst spreading the precious nutty-brown mulch, I was pulling the Little Green Deathwagon backwards across the rocks when my left foot discontinued its movement. *I* however kept moving – and that stopped-foot (which didn’t move) became a lever that snapped-off the PVC hose-bib against which it had become trapped. It was also a lever around which I rotated and fell. And a geyser erupted. A small geyser that, when the water was finally turned-off, also discontinued its geyserly activity.
So we’ll be off to Ace Hardware to get some repair parts and get that taken care-of. Shalom!
UPDATE: 3:00PM – Finally, actual rain has begun to fall. Sheesh.
UPDATE: Fixed-it.
New bronze fitting and threaded 1/2″ schedule-40 gray PVC pipe with teflon-tape prepped to insert.
CAREFULLY pound-down the re-bar with the little sledge, past the red-handle and then collar it with a hose-clamp.
Re-do and replace the rock. Still have not found any gold in the quartz-rock.

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