Weather Coming

Right upon the heels of the Big California Drought Announcement we are expecting a bit of actual weather, and the week(s) of pre-Summer has turned sharply cold. Off in the distance The Valley is shrouded in a bank of gray-blue cement-colored haze and you can feel the cold creeping up. Actually it’s some low-pressure stuff spinning down from the Gulf of Alaska and snow will be hitting the higher elevations tomorrow, with rain for us on the flanks of the lower sub-Sierra.
The rain-barrels developed a thick layer of yellow pollen, washed off the roof from the exploding pines that coated the interior and had begun to stink, so I washed them out and scrubbed them down in preparation for a fresh filling. The Drought is entirely man-made, and responsibility can be directly placed at the gollum-clay feet of the uber-affluent Utopian rule-making Enviroweenies and their sustainably-harvested low-brow henchlings. Whatever.
A house out in Somerset at around 2400-feet on ten level acres across from a winery inspired a visit. Nicely regular at about 300-feet on the short sides and about 1,000 feet long, the parcel had a few trees and a small pond and a lot goign for it but would require also a lot of work, and the house was practically an afterthought with even more work required, though well sited at the greatest distance from the road – and no sunset views… So we carry on Easter Sunday and will look at a bit of semi mid-century vibe up in Camino – with a pool!

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4 thoughts on “Weather Coming

  1. You interested in something up in Calaveras? We are currently leasing this place and love it but have decided buying is out of the cards for us for the foreseeable future (thus no CCW for me, damn it).

    They wanted $550k last time it was up for sale; you could probably talk them down a bit.


    • Actually target practice is common in the area, if done safely neighbors don’t mind.

      We have the place for the rest of the year, and who knows? We may buy it come January next. Didn’t spend enough time up here last year to really settle in. This year may well convince us, but we just aren’t ready to make an offer right now.

      Oh say, i just realized the link I sent has the address — would you mind deleting it from my comment above? Opsec, you know. 😃


    • Thanks David, Happy Easter! It looks lovely, and that’s a tempting opportunity if a bit above our price-point. I fixed the comment and saved it in my “real estate” file. I would highly recommend you do it when you can! Spend more time and get away more, too! Our neighbor recovering from the double aneurysm is a reminder of how short the blessing of life can be. . 🙂


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