Conformity and the SJW midget-mentality

It is the absolute nature of human culture to advance Conformity in order to establish Hierarchy and Status, and reap the fruits that flow from Power.
Culture and Society itself is all about fine layers of defined injustice, and differences where Superiority can be established. Once Superiority is established by Power, layers of Hierarchy and Status follow.
Which is why it’s patently and incoherently ridiculous to call for “Social Justice” because there is none and never has been any such thing in the many-thousand years of human Social existence, including the tens-of-thousands of pre-human years. It’s like calling for “Astral Justice” or “Planetary Alignment” – beyond pure physics it’s simply absurd and betrays a fundamental disregard for logic. What it is, is a call for Power – and since it is at-base incoherent, a kind of religious/supernatural invocation.

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8 thoughts on “Conformity and the SJW midget-mentality

  1. “Social Justice” translation—“But, but…it’s not FAIR!”. No $!it, snowflake. No one said it would be.

    Movie quotes:

    “Life’s hard. It’s even harder when you’re stupid.”

    “Life is pain, Princess. Anyone who says it’s not is selling something.


    • I guess when you have a Utopian mindset the facts don’t really matter, and you’re gonna break a lot of eggs to make that perfect omelet, and a lot of people will die because of that fantasy-world.


  2. Spot on, as usual.

    Strangely, your observation about a, “call to Power,” brings to mind the old saying by Sir Acton, however, what happens when that person who is seeking power is already corrupt?

    Is the corruption then additive or multiplicative, or does it go geometric?

    Perhaps that is why us Bitter-Clingers tend to Cling, eh?


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