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So I get the new Cabela’s catalog last week, and it’s all about “Auto and ATV” – and I’m leafing through it and it occurs to me, who knew the “C” in JC Whitney stood for “Cabela’s”?? They have it all from floor-mats to seat-covers to radar-detectors to bumper-guards to light-bars to mud-guards to tow-hitches and bed-liners, battery-tenders…and a few things without hyphens too, implements straight out of the Tractor Supply catalog – sheesh.
But I’m a fan of Cabela’s, even though there’s none in California I can understand why. Besides they’re only a two-hour drive up over the big hill behind me, in Verdi, NV. I’m not even sure where JC Whitney is…

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  1. My Cabela’s is almost in my back yard.

    I find it hard to stay away…and it’s no stretch to make a stop when going home from work.

    I’m not bragging, mind you, just demonstrating my absolute lack of will power.


    • Indeed, it does.

      The last time I was in there, I recall at least a few African-game caliber guns behind the glass, and more than a couple shotguns that were about the price of the last two vehicles that I bought new.

      There is a ‘take-a-number’ system in place and it’s almost always in use at the regular gun counter, as there is that much demand, often with a wait of an hour for your turn to handle whatever it was that you were interested in. I usually buy my guns from the mom-and-pops joint that I’ve gone to for twenty years, as they give me a better deal because I’ll pay with cash.

      Mostly, Cabela’s is my ammo source, as they run good deals every month or so, and they’re almost obsessive about stocking magazines for the popular stuff.


  2. If you’re interested, next time you head for Cabela’s, let me know and I’ll meet you there. I’m about an hour east, and the wife and I have been looking for an excuse to get out there. We love us some Cabela’s! Lunch is on us. Love to chat about real estate, motorcycles, Vaqueros, etc.
    No pressure, only if you’re interested. We don’t really know anybody local yet, be nice to put a face to the blog.


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