Going up to Chico tomorrow for a (2-HOUR) drive to see a man about a late 70’s Sansui MONSTER receiver. Lights and wavy-wand meters that go back and forth. I’m really not an Audiophile guy, my ears are tin – but/and like a ’78 Bianchi all-Campy Nuevo Record — blah-blah — it’s something I would have simply been totally unable to afford at the time as a lawnmower pusher-guy and campus food-service pot-washer. And I was a good pot-washer, and a better student than my dormitory-mates who were simply trust-fund babies awaiting their turn at the next elite enterprise job-slot. I had to work. But I was still just a chump.
My affluent College-Contemporaries bitched about the relative ~and~ competitive merits of their exotic turntables. And then here comes me: THE Doofus: scratch-scratch. I was not a very popular,, thumb-fingered guy. But all that techno-electron tail-sniffing left me in awe, because I didn’t even have a circular piece of vinyl for which to spin. I was between worlds and never had records to begin with (Records? Not even my own Immigration and Naturalization papers). People with enviable “collections” – serious the round black damn things weighed a tonne, too much, and took up too much space, but mainly they also cost too much. Stuff I did not have I also did not rally miss, because I knew at any time I could be gone and they would still be butt-sniffing. So I went to Vienna with nothing musical. Maybe I was lucky to be a fool – I was footloose and fancy free in more ways than I even knew.
But now I’m going up to look at a sound-machine of epic proportions, to drive a couple crazy speakers for the now-other house — up in the piney woods, because I have walls to paint and floors to fix, and a whole new project in which to live…….

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    • Thanks! The Sansui 7070 is way-cool old-school.
      Also on the other, we figure there’s no money forthcoming on bank-interest, so let’s get it out of there and create some of our own. There’s a ceiling I need to paint – or have somebody else do that back-aching chore while I tackle other aspects, like the kitchen. It’s a small galley that needs updating.


    • No you haven’t been a sleep, we’ve been looking and it just happened. And I can see a kitchen re-design, but not very deep. Bathrooms later. We’re in escrow now.


  1. I still have a box full of vinyl. I can barely lift it and half of them are warped due to being in the box for so long. It is also, not coincidentally, a box full of memories of my teen years, so there it sits.

    Fisher direct drive turntable sits in a box nearby. Occasionally I set it all up, play some records, marvel at the full, rich sound, then pack it all away again when I realize that it’s been two months since I played a record.

    So much easier, if less fulfilling, to plug the iPod into the surround sound and listen to one of the eight or nine hundred albums stored there. No cleaning off the dust first, no flipping the record mid-play, no scratching or warping.

    I do miss (in a “those were the days but I really don’t want to go back” way) taking a record out of its sleeve and sitting and listening to it, scratches and all.

    To this day I still can’t listen to Trooper’s Two for the Show without expecting there to be a little skip midway through the title song. That skip is embedded in my central nervous system.


    • I understand the skip! My memories are of making song-tapes from my house-mates’ super-systems to play in my little car’s tape-deck, and certain song-endings and song-beginnings are indelibly linked.
      I’ll take an iPod and an mini-jack RCA splitter-connector, play it out through the headphone jack – but that’s just of the top of my head, need to find a better way to dock it.


    • I think any iPod dock will come with RCA cables. That’s what I have, got it off the interweb somewhere. iPod just sits in the cradle and connects through the iPod plug which is better than headphone jack.

      Aside, what do you do with the word iPod when it is at the beginning of a sentence? Does it become IPod?


    • Capitalization rules must apply! Most docks I have seen have a weird multi-pin circular jack or USB, but I’m sure I can find one with RCA plugs. I would like to avoid the headphone jack-thing and let it sit upright. 🙂


    • Yes, up in Camino we found a place and they accepted the last night offer. Smaller house, bigger tract, we think it’s an investment that will grow and one in which some of my sweat equity will reap dividends.


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