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UPDATE: Map corrected, click to enlarge:34-StateCCWComboMapx800
Signed up for the 4-hour Utah & Arizona class (and fingerprinting) that gets me 34-State Concealed Weapons Permit. (Green or Blue states) “Colorado reportedly to be added soon.” – whatever that means. Still need to get up to Tahoe and spend a few nights, and go over to take a class in Minden, for Nevada.
UPDATE: The 34-State course material was presented in a friendly, instructive and inviting manner. 2-hours was spent on the Utah LE perspective that drives the acceptance of the AZ permit and produces the overall 34-state blanket of reciprocity. Utah being fairly different from California in attitude, acceptance, and emphasis was a welcome eye-opener. But mainly being able to complete the Utah and Arizona CCW fingerprint cards and application forms correctly is absolutely crucial, and after the step-by-step instructions I felt confidant in the process. Our instructor and company-owner John was there with his dad and elder son, and was well equipped, well informed, and friendly – and presented some of the rote (and mandatory, I’m sure) Gunstruction well. As a former LEO was he insightful on a variety of ancillary topics – but we didn’t get side-tracked and there was no Rambo-Cop in the room. Most importantly he guided us step-by-step through the bureaucratic paperwork/fingerprinting maze in a way that made a daunting task recognizable and easy to complete. I’m looking forward to taking further actual defensive shooting instruction with John at the private range where rapid-fire is not limited, now that this hurdle has been overcome.

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  1. Oregon only issues non-resident permits to residents of adjoining states, and then it is up to the sheriff to decide if you need it. St Helen’s up in Clark County (by Vancouver) does. I drove down last summer and got my Oregon.

    I also have New Hampshire. They do it fully by mail and it used to only cost $20 for five years. They’ve since raised it to $100. That gets you Pennsylvania as well as some of the Utah states.

    With Washington (resident), Oregon, and NH I have 33 states. Utah permit would get me Minnesota, Arizona permit would get me New Mexico. I can’t see doing all that work and expenditure for two more states. Sure wish National Reciprocity would pass. I’m a big proponent of federalism but I also believe that we have a right to travel freely and a right to defend our persons and property as we travel. This is one area where I lean towards the federal government imposed a national standard. I can’t imagine a world where you had to apply for a non-resident driver’s license to drive through a state and it seems like a somewhat comparable situation to me.


    • I guess I’m doing a double? The things I have to send-in (and withstand scrutiny) are something our current borne-abroad elite-school President managed to COMPLETELY avoid: Naturalization papers and a hospital record of birth certificates. First you have to get the hospital record, then you can get the other. The former British Empire folks running things in Calcutta took better care of records than lazy and Democrat-bought plantation islanders in Hawaii.


  2. I don’t know the current setup, but Oregon used to be very difficult to get as a non res. Living in Vancouver (just across the river from Portland) it took me over 10 years to find a loophole to get an Oregon permit. Probably different now. . .

    Hey, we’re neighbors now! Just moved into The Great Basin, east of Reno. Heard all of my neighbors out shooting today, cant wait to get my stuff unpacked to join them.


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