Went drivin’ past a couple more houses, and got in to see one today. Lovely 8×8 pier construction and a nice hip-roof with good overhangs, sheathed in tile. Wish we could crash through the pending short-sale contingent, but the necessary work involved would probably not produce a net benefit down the road and someone is already in the #1 spot. Poorly home-done and obviously amateurish crown-molding in a couple rooms where none is needed or desired, wallpaper, stick-down vinyl floor tiles, some ugly golden-oak cabinetry to rip-out – all fairly and easily doable but altogether not a win-win after adding it up. The deck needed some TLC and the grounds needed pruning, but the barrier was already set in the contingent sale, and at a cost per-foot where we wouldn’t come out ahead, even if we were in the game. Too bad, the home had real nice bones and wasn’t chopped-up by a weird floorplan.
UPDATE: But mainly I liked the hip-and-gable roof style with generous 4-foot overhangs. Houses built today with no trim or overhang look like they come out of an appliance factory.

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  1. “…mainly I liked the hip-and-gable roof style with generous 4-foot overhangs. Houses built today with no trim or overhang look like they come out of an appliance factory.”


    You a fan of Wright?

    Overhangs give a house character. I’ve always had a saying about houses with cropped or no overhangs, and a bunch of pasted-on, faux junk, “It looks like a TV set, everything focused on the street face.”

    You don’t know how many strange looks I get with that.

    • Ha! A TV-set – exactly! Wright casts a big shadow, and I don’t like all his cantilever stuff and a lot (every one) of his public-building roofs leaked! But it’s obvious and intuitive that details like good overhang are protective in summer and in winter, adding to the house’s lifespan.
      I like the hip-gable type roof for it’s Hawaiian style (in some cases) and long, cementacious roof tiles are more fire resistant and have a neat “Look.” Persoanllly not real keen on half-circle, Mediterranean/Spanish style roof-tiles or “Mexican-Moorish Architecture” – but stucco is also good for a protective and insulative cladding – provided you use any insulation!

    • I can do demolition! Also paint and light electrical: replace ugly old ceiling fans, interior/exterior light-fixtures, plumbing like sinks and faucets, sheet-rock and mud-and-texture, also carpentry like baseboards and trim, and fixtures/furnishings like door-knobs and hinges. That’s about the level we’re at, habitability enhancements and upgrades: soft-close hinges on cabinets. It depends on how far into a wall I have to go. Dad was a Shop Teacher.

  2. The only time an HOA makes sense is when the housing is zero-lot-line type density. That is when you might want some control over your neighbor’s escapades.

    In the hills? No f’n way. It almost never works to your favor in that situation. You want flexibility, and you end up with some busybody with all the time in the world and a control-freak mentality, plus the costs involved to run it.

    • I mostly agree, but here it looks like this HOA is mainly for the road maintenance (it’s non-County, above the snow-line), for garbage, and for security – keeping the non-resident riff-raff (like me) out.
      Out in the sticks many driveways are practically tiny roads, too long, twisty and tight for the big waste-haulers to even navigate. If you have to push your waste-bins down a mile to the road every Thursday it gets a bit old. Lot of people have a small garden-tractor and trailer for just that. Lot of people leave the waste-bins lined-up in rows by the roadside next to the mail-boxes. Some mail-theft here too.
      But still people are free to live like pigs in squalor, and you can see them from the road. Homes where garbage is piled all around, blue-tarps cover mounds of decaying old vehicles and mattresses, ancient rusting appliances dot the landscape — either because they’re old, or just cheap, or poor, or they are hoarders who just never throw anything away. We have passed-up several residences where the neighbors lived like pigs. For some people it’s a way to prevent anybody from moving-in next door. Or they may just be crack-heads on Gov. assistance.
      This neighborhood has a waste-transfer collection point, and a series of very large dumpsters. And we saw a retired Sheriff’s Axillary driving through, so there’s also someone to ensure nobody from outside comes in and uses the dumpsters improperly, to dumps mattresses or car-tires or an old refrigerator…
      A zero-lot, common-interest development (like where I was on The Board and we escaped-from) in the ‘Burbs keeps idiots (renters mainly) from hanging their laundry in the trees and painting their doors a weird color, or making a horrible mess – all in order for property values to not-deteriorate. Some people in the country don’t give a hoot about that.

  3. We did pretty well on short sales by putting in low contingent offers, and if the existing offer went dead, which happens all the time, then we would be back in first place but with an even lower offer. Then we would work hard to demonstrate why the house was worth our offer rather than why their counter was appropriate. It worked out for us a couple of times.

    On an unrelated note, at the gun show coming up in Reno this at the end of the month, I know where there will be some 44-40 ammunition for sale at $40 a box. Let me know if you are interested and I will work with the dealer. He’s one of the big ammunition sellers that will be at the show.

    • We would have been in line after the first Contingent Offer-Squatter, and from what I could see magic would take a bit more money than the local price ceiling. Square-footage cost is supposed to go Down the further UP hill you get – and that wasn’t working in this setting, with an HOA and all (which many people hate) – so I dunno. The BayAryans and SoCal are not ~yet~ driving the price up here…yet. And a lot of older folks are leaving their Fancy Mansions in the hills (Pollock Pines anyhow) as their health goes away, to return to the magical doctors in the Bay and various treatments… Plus we’re newbies and really want a place to work-with for some duration, since I’ll be the main inhabitant.
      I’ve got a bunch of Magtech, Miwall, and other .44-40 I need to get out there and shoot the damn thing but I spend all my goddam time on this box or doing yard-work, or otherwise irritating my wife!

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