Dry Lightning Strikes

Prayers for my neighbor who had an aneurysm. She’s in the Hospital recovering now at one of the finest neurological centers in the US, and on a special clinical trial so we have much to hope and pray for her complete recovery – but she was not any older than me. Scary. One moment you’re sailing along just fine on a clear, cloudless day minding your own business and taking care of family – then BOOM. Out of the blue.
Everybody stay well, especially my friends in the Mid-Atlantic states and Mid-West where it’s freeze-ass cold and snow-exertions can cause all manner of other ills and attacks.


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4 thoughts on “Dry Lightning Strikes

  1. Stuff happens when you least expect it. I have been driving 110 miles round trip every day to radiation treatments 5 years “after” radical prostate surgical removal to try to kill metastatic cells that want to grow. Now, my wife just started having gall bladder issues. What’s next?

    • Sorry to hear that, esp. for your wife — that’s a lot of driving and gas! I only know to hope for the best and prepare for the worst, but it’s hard to prepare for the invisible and the unknown.

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