Is Empathy Selfish?

Who benefits? Not the person who is the object of the passion, but the giver of it. Why is “empathy” such a prized thing? Because it enables the giver to feel an amplitude of emotional gratification for their conduct, regardless of the pitiful and marginal outcome received by the object of attention. Who wins when poor people in Africa receive attention from a hash-tag campaign conducted by millionaires? The millionaires.
The notion of “empathy” as a solution of any kind is as troubling as the idea that “raising awareness” is any kind of solution to anything. Raise you hand if you have heard and are aware of breast cancer, colon cancer, kidnapped women in Africa, malaria, measles, tuberculosis – or any hashtag-celebrity driven focus. Who benefits? (Hint, as they say in Hollywood, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”) Only the person who shines the light upon themselves first, in order to reflect it upon the object of their “empathy”…
It’s like trying to get a tan from the light of the Moon, the UV rays are already removed from the light.

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2 thoughts on “Is Empathy Selfish?

  1. You put an awful lot of pretty important stuff there into a pretty short paragraph. I think you’re exactly on point.

    My favorite charity was, for years, Ducks Unlimited. Ducks Unlimited does not feel sorry for ducks. Ducks Unlimited members want to shoot ducks. So the way to make sure there are ducks to shoot, is for the hunters that make up Ducks Unlimited to financially support programs that benefit ducks. So, every year, those hunters reach into their own ass pockets and haul out tens of millions of dollars to benefit ducks.

    The outcome? Since its inception, over a billion dollars in privately raise funds supporting thousands of individual programs with farmers in Canada the US and Mexico to provide sustainable permanent habitable wetlands as breeding, resting and feeding grounds for ducks. Who benefits, the Ducks or the hunters? Both.

    Empathy? Not a factor. . . .


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