Drivin’ around

Gassed-up and we took a morning drive up to Swansboro, out Hwy 49 to the Georgetown Road fork, and up 193 through Kelsey up to Georgetown. Yeh, we missed the turn-off onto Rock Creek Road down by the South Fork and headed up too-far. Nice lady at the Stihl shop got us turned around instead of attempting the 4-hour drive down windy Rock Creek Road through the ass-end of the universe. T hat would have been a real missionary trip. Instead we went back down the road and then continued our drive. When we had passed through earlier, the turn-off had been obscured by a CalTrans road crew driving a couple of big trucks and gluing in-place reflector-dots, and escorted by two CHP cars. My eyes were on the cops and trucks and the on-coming traffic and I missed the cut-off.
Anyhow we found the bottom end of Rock Creek Drive where it intersects 193 and followed the basically one-lane road into the canyon along the ridge-side, suspended on the side-hill about halfway between the river and the canyon top, amid oaks and breathtaking vistas that I dared not watch since the drop-off was seriously precipitous. Sweet!!
Rock Creek and 193
Once in Swansboro we drove past the small air-park and around a bit, then out Mosquito Road. We had a vehicle ahead of us about a half-mile who’s brakes were on the whole way down to the one-lane bridge at the bottom and stank to high heaven, Unless it was my own brakes I was smelling. The switchbacks and hairpins along Mosquito Road (closed by a heavy steel gate during “weather events”) were also breathtaking, and I’m glad nobody was coming up at the same time because they would have had the right-of-way and my backing-up visibility was kinda really poor… Both were really neat roads, better on a motorcycle – but one with some good ground clearance and functioning suspension. I might even sell the Mighty KTM raw dirtbike and get a dual-sport with long-travel suspension for such jaunts, as I have not found anybody to go dirt-riding with. Another XR650L with The Button like I once had would just be about right, with the IMS tank and appropriate mods. Perhaps one day Honda will see fit to get EFI onto those things instead of a pumper-carb that needs re-jetting for altitude.

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