Interior Design

This is nearly finished by our Master Woodworker. Burt and his son John at Hangtown Woodshop are willing to do custom, to-order stuff like this that busy for-profit guys and regular woodbutchers and sawdustmakers won’t touch because the margins are greater elsewhere. So we applaud them and the use of the Creative Function.
..and will replace this ugly-stick mess. Blarg. Golden Oak is so mid-70’s, which is a time better remember for other things, like The Ramones!
And we have already popped-off the other divider-rail, which has it’s own replacement piece – laid up like parquet, very sweetly.
Then what?


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2 thoughts on “Interior Design

  1. The regs on the spacing of those railing rods (spindles?) has been changed to a closer dimension for child safety.
    Had to redo one in a rental, a couple years ago. Major pain. To reuse the railing, I had to fill the existing holes with wood doweling pieces, and then re-drill, as some of the new holes overlapped the original ones. Painted the bottom of the rail black, to hide all the work, since it was visible from the first floor. We used fancy iron spindles, since we couldn’t match the wood ones, and then used the wood ones to replace a few broken ones around the kitchen dining platform. For some unremembered reason, the kitchen ones didn’t have to be changed (maybe 3ft drop to the family room).

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