A reminder, chill-out.

We get our sunny days now and then. Yesterday the low valley layer rolled up to the base and hung-offshore so to speak, and driving down into it was like descending in an airplane down through the cloud layer, but you didn’t come out clear at the bottom. Yesterday was shirt-sleeves and sun up top, this morning we watched it roll up from below, swallowing the country-club and golf course, and engulfing us in a chilly damp blanket – it’s really still Winter outside whenever it wants to be.

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4 thoughts on “A reminder, chill-out.

    • Good buddy in MA sent a screen cap from his Android: -10 there and 32mph winds. He was up on a ladder (which a gentleman of a certain girth should NOT attempt, but he did) UN-freezing the rain gutters with a blow-torch. Nearby a main had frozen and burst. Bad news. Dear Lord in this great big ocean, my problems are so small. Flee to weather?


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