The Precipice and the Chasm

Descent to the PrecipiceAt the bottom of the stairs is a 5′ wide by 4′ deep flat spot going out to the edge of the precipice-property line. We begun removing the rocks and the dead stump and assorted decomposing vegetal matter and crap, careful not to damage the drip-line and PVC. There were an assortment of dead stumps I think, layers of decomposition – and roots and other matter. On the top was a tuft of lavender, thin roots twined between rocks gathering moisture. In order to provide screening for the neighbors it seems we are destined to repeat this attempt at planting with a red oleander – the hole chasm is about knee ankle-deep at the moment and I’m still unearthing fragments of root and previous plant-life. Tomorrow we will plant the oleander and water, and run fresh drip-line hoses and emitters.Chasm

UPDATE: The PVC dripper came off in my hands as I dug away at the dirt beneath. Time for glue. Three other pipes besides #5 run up the hillside, for Stations #6, #7, and #8 – and I left them alone. The hole got bigger as I dug away the semi-decomposed root structure, and when I ran the water to clear out the lline the hole filled rapidly – and held… So… we dumped two buckets of earth back in and placed the oleander off to one side for better screening. The ground around is mushy and spongy to walk-on – like quicksand as the water doesn’t absorb into the clay soil very quickly.
Anyhow done for now.Oleander No.1

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8 thoughts on “The Precipice and the Chasm

    • I agree it’s an ugly Cal-Trans poison plant. But we don’t have any critters and the native flora is preserved in the Naurte Preserrve up the hill behind us… There’s no way to fence it here for a dog, and besides that rocks get hot and are not very dog-friendly. Neither of us can stand cat-hair – and the oleanders are already all around here…drought tolerant helps, and deer-resistant.


    • Does it grow big and make a screen? I’ll have to look that up. 🙂 Judging from past history, stuff in this spot doesn’t last long, it gets a lot of direct sun and the temps in summer are around 105 there.
      UPDATE: Ah, bay laurel! Yeh that would do, but I didn’t see any at our nursery. Maybe I just overlooked it.


    • As a lowly past expressway-crash spin-out survivor I can only say that freeway and expressway medians are the perfect planting grounds for oleanders!! They (or it) collected my Toyota pickup truck with little damage, I only wish the teeny-bopper who came screaming out of nowhere and cut me off knew how hard I had to hit the brakes. Yeh, I hate them too but 15-feet wide is a good screen and good screens make good neighbors, or something. 🙂


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